Please note the following changes to the LSUS Tuition Exemption program effective July 1, 2022. 

Traditional Tuition Exemption

Full-time employees, system wide (including faculty), and 
Full-time (100% effort) for at least one year, and
Approval from immediate supervisor and department head

May register for job-related courses or courses being used in pursuit of a degree. Employees are eligible for tuition exemption for 6 credit hours in the fall semester, 6 hours in the spring semester and 3 hours in the summer. Up to 3 clock hours per week per semester may be taking during work time without charge to leave time, if approved by the supervisor. If more than 3 hours are during work hours, annual leave must be used along with supervisor approval. Exemption can be declined if employee receives two consecutive semesters with below C grades. The next semester must be C's or higher to regain exemption. For details on fees, please contact Accounting Services. Employees who resign from the university while taking courses will owe pro-rated tuition back to the university. 

All hours are described above are exempt from payment. Fees are not exempt (reimbursable) under this program. Employees are still subject to pay all fees associated with the course they are enrolled. Fees should be paid through MyLSUS. 

Online Tuition Exemption
Full-time LSUS and LSUHSC-S employees only. The only exceptions will be for other LSU campus employees who are currently enrolled in an online program as of spring 2022/June 2022.
Full-time (100% effort) for at least one year prior to application, and
In good standing (a rating of successful or higher on prior year's Annual Evaluation), and
Approval from immediate supervisor. 

Employees are eligibile for up to 6 hours total in the spring, up to 6 hours total in the spring and up to 3 hours during the summer semester. Employees who resign while taking a course(s) will owe a pro-rated tuition to the university.

Tuition exemption form
LSUS employees should contact a HR representative to route the tuition exemption form in DocuSign.