Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Turn your love of English into a career! Earn your bachelor's degree in English from Louisiana State University Shreveport, and participate in English Club and contribute to our literary journal.

Develop skills that are valued across a broad range of careers and professions when you earn your bachelor’s degree in English at LSUS. Whether it’s analyzing complex problems or communicating effectively, you’ll have the skills to excel in whatever path you take.   

Why LSUS’ English degree program?  

The LSUS English major will help you interpret and evaluate situations, read intuitively, and write effectively. There’s no direct path you’re driven to take as a student at LSUS. And as an English major, you’ll perform research and learn alongside professors who are genuinely interested in helping you succeed on whichever path you choose.  

Experiential learning to prepare for real-world careers 

If you’re interested in filling your free time with more ways to prepare for your career, LSUS publishes a literary magazine that gives you the chance to do some real writing prior to graduation. Whether you’re reporting on the latest trends or are interested in sharing your poetry and prose, these are both great opportunities to hone your English skills and gain real-world experience. 

Ready to pilot your future?
Ready to pilot your future?
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Explore the English Bachelor’s Degree at LSUS

English is an all-purpose major, and does not limit you to a set of professional choices. This bachelor’s degree program gives you the chance to study a variety of topics and think outside of the boxLSUS English majors have gone on to pursue careers in business, publishing, law, higher education, and more.  

Diverse courses 

Offering a mix of innovative and traditional courses, the LSUS English major will introduce you to topics such as medieval literature, modern poetry, pop culture and more.  

Student life 

The English Club at LSUS is an opportunity for English majors to explore current and past trends in English and communication. From poetry readings to guest speakers and social events, the club offers you a great opportunity to challenge yourself and make connections.  

 Set up for success 

Whether you’re taking courses focused on writing, the history of the English language, special topics, or any of the traditional periods of English and American literature, your experience as an LSUS English major will help you feel comfortable starting your career or continuing your education. 

Financial aid for English majors 

LSUS is able to award more than $12.4 million in scholarships every year. As an English major, you could also have the opportunity to qualify for the Evelyn Herring English Club Scholarship and the H.J. Sachs Scholarship. Take some time to explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for. 

Writing in Multiple Media

English Concentration

Students interested in the writing concentration can take courses in linguistics and the history of the English language, as well as courses in advanced composition, technical writing, creative writing, and other specialized courses. Students can also participate in writing workshops, and upper-level students have the opportunity to participate in writing internships with local organizations and businesses.

Literary Studies

English Concentration

The literary studies concentration allows students to study writers from the major periods of both British and American literature. Special topics courses allow students to explore personal interests and the senior capstone course gives students the opportunity to reflect on their studies and formulate a comprehensive picture of what they have accomplished.

In addition to the English Club, English majors have the opportunity to join Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honors society! Explore our clubs and organizations today. 

English professors at LSUS have publications in their areas of expertise including medieval studies, John Milton, nineteenth-century literature, and pop culture.

Spectra is collection of writings submitted by LSU Shreveport students for publication. Works include poetry and short fiction. Download Spectra to read the pheonmenal works of LSUS students. Checkout the latest edition by clicking the link above.

Where Can an English Degree from LSUS Take You?

Whether you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, an author, a lawyer—or something else entirely—you’ll graduate with an English degree from LSUS prepared. Graduates have gone on to work as: 

  • IT support specialists 
  • Editors at publishing firms 
  • Lawyers for the U.S. Attorney’s Office 
  • Professors 

Learn more about the courses you could take as an English major at LSUS. 

Thinking about an English degree? Here are a few other bachelor’s degree programs at LSUS you might be interested in exploring.  

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What career can I have with an English degree from LSUS?