Doctorate in Leadership Studies

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Louisiana State University Shreveport's premier EdD in Leadership Studies is designed for a wide range of leadership experiences across diverse industries. This cutting-edge, interdisciplinary online program is perfect for current and aspiring leaders.

The Leadership Studies doctoral program at Louisiana State University Shreveport is a competitive, cutting-edge program designed to provide practical, real-world development for leaders across a wide range of industries. Leaders of businesses, nonprofits, healthcare, government, first responder agencies and higher education institutions can all benefit from the EdD program. With concentrations in Leadership Studies, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, as well as Health Communication and Leadership, this degree provides specialized programming aimed at taking your leadership to the next level.

The Doctorate (EdD) in Leadership Studies at LSUS is a flexible program for today's leader. With an innovative curriculum and experienced faculty, the degree in Leadership Studies allows students to gain expertise in leadership aimed at assisting, honing and growing your leadership presence, skills, and knowledge as you pursue existing and new opportunities in your career.

Why LSUS’ Doctorate of Leadership Studies degree program? 

The LSUS EdD in Leadership Studies is focused on leadership theory and practice and is open to students with graduate degrees in all disciplines. The LSUS program of study is designed for leaders from a wide range of industries, including nonprofits, for-profits, government, military, healthcare and education.

The emphasis of the program is on the needs of practitioner-scholars, rather than research-scholars. You’ll work closely with top faculty and fellow professionals to explore what makes successful leadership work. This flexible program is also specifically designed to meet the needs of working adults, with doctoral courses delivered though a myriad of online classes. Learn more about the program here.

An important note to take into account is the misconception that this degree is in educational leadership when, in reality, it is not. Teachers might not qualify for this degree due to their limited leadership experience. On the other hand, K-12 Principals and Superintendents are eligible for application given their relevant experience.

Please note: The Ed.D. program is a competitive admissions program and as such, not all applicants who apply will be admitted. Each concentration accepts approximately 7-10 new students per year.

Ready to pilot your future?
Ready to pilot your future?
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)
  • As quickly as 2 years
  • Online
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Explore the Leadership Studies Doctoral Program at LSUS

Learn how to apply leadership theories to bring about organizational change and collaborate with key stakeholders to solve problems. Whether you’re looking to advance your career in business, nonprofit management or take the next step as an entrepreneur, the leadership studies program will give you the practical tools to succeed. 

Set up for success 

The Leadership Studies program is delivered in a 100% online format, offering a flexible doctoral program option for working professionals. Each class meets weekly via Zoom, providing students an opportunity to network and engage other professionals as they explore each course. Top faculty bring diverse leadership and research experience to the classroom in areas such as business, human resources, political leadership, consulting, law enforcement, healthcare and more. Courses are offered in a 7-week format with students opting to take one or two courses per session. Comprehensive exams are offered each semester and are coordinated by program faculty.

Rigorous academic curriculum 

The LSUS Leadership Studies doctorate offers rigorous study in core foundational courses that target leadership theory, organizational leadership, research methods, and more. Concentration courses are taught by experienced faculty with opportunities to meet and collaborate with other students interested in furthering their knowledge set in a specific area. All courses are delivered 100% online in a 7-week format.

Financial aid for leadership studies graduate students 

More than $12.4 million in scholarship money is awarded to LSUS students each year. Take some time to explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for. 

Where Can a Leadership Studies Degree from LSUS Take You?

Developing leadership knowledge with leading faculty and courses is something that will enhance every area of your life – both professionally and personally. Some of LSUS’ doctoral graduates have gone on to positions such as:  

  • Director of Research and Development
  • Director of Emergency Management
  • College Professor in a variety of related fields
  • Dean of Students
  • Executive Director
  • Nonprofit Leader
  • Program Administrator in Healthcare

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Thinking about earning your doctoral degree in leadership studies? Get more information on the program here.

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Leadership Studies Faculty

Kevin Baxter, EdD

Chair of Leadership Studies
Office: BE 347A
Phone: 318-797-5036
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Ozlem Gumus, PhD

Office: BE 347A
Phone: 318-795-4223
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John Harrison, PhD

Phone: 318-797-5080
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Grace Hildenbrand, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: BE346B
Phone: 318-797-5262
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Shaoping Qiu, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: BE 346-A
Phone: 318-798-4135
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