The intent of the Policy Manual is to prepare a single collection of official written policies of the University. It cannot be exhaustive on a particular subject, but it does approach a comprehensive expression of a need to document the University's purpose and governing constraints.

1.01.01 Policy Manual
1.02.01 Use of University Funds For Entertainment
1.03.04 Emergency Communication Plan
1.05.02 Use of University Facilities and Premises
1.06.01 Use of Health and Physical Education Building, Tennis Courts and Athletic Fields
1.07.01 Campus Fundraising
1.07.03 Solicitation and Receipt of Gifts
1.08.02 Planning and Evaluation
1.09.01 Evaluation of Administration and Administrative Services
1.12.00 Procedure for Raising and Lowering the United States Flag
1.13.01 Administrative Appointments
1.14.00 Establishment of Naming Opportunities for Buildings and Portions Thereof Specific Gift Naming Opportunities
1.15.03 Outstanding Service Awards
1.16.00 Unclassified, Fiscal Employees: Certification of Work
1.17.04 Computer Access and Usage
1.18.00 LSUS World Wide Web Publication Policy
1.19.00 Violence in the Workplace
1.20.00 Return to Work Policy for Workers on Worker's Compensation
1.21.00 Records and Archives
1.22.00 Athletic Council
1.23.00 Planning Council
1.24.00 Americans with Disabilities Act
2.01.06 Faculty Promotion, Tenure and Retention
2.02.01 Environmental Control in the Classroom
2.03.02 Research
2.04.03 Evaluation of Instruction by Students
2.05.02 Public Service and Continuing Education Programs
2.06.00 Library Circulation
2.07.05 Faculty Research and Development Grants
2.08.03 Evaluation of Academic Administration
2.09.00 Policies and Procedures For Dealing With Allegations of Misconduct in Science (Research Fraud)
2.10.01 Research, Grants Inducement Funds, and Indirect Cost Redistribution
2.11.02 Department Chairs
2.12.00 Procedures for Awarding Honorary Degrees at LSU-S
2.13.00 Allocation from Salary Savings from University Grants and Contracts
2.14.01 LSUS Sexual Harassment Policy
2.15.01 Faculty Grievance Procedure
2.16.01 Faculty Recruitment
2.17.01 Administration of Endowed Programs
2.18.01 Faculty Review and Development
2.19.02 Faculty Due Process
2.21.01 Study Week
2.22.00 Awarding of Posthumous Degrees
2.23.00 Student Class Attendance
2.24.01 Substantive Change Policy
2.25.01 Program Cancellation
2.26.02 Undergraduate Academic Program Coordinators
2.27.00 Faculty Credentials
2.28.01 Graduate Program Directors
2.29.00  Definition of Credit Hour
2.30.00 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research
2.31.01 Institutional Review Board
2.32.00 Outstanding Faculty Awards
2.33.04 Guidelines for LSUS Faculty Compensation
2.34.00 Representation of LSUS to Accrediting Agencies and Notification of Accreditation Status Changes



Animal Care and Use Committee

3.01.01 Nepotism
3.02.02 Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
3.03.00 Grievance Procedures for Classified and Unclassified Staff
3.04.01 Leave Guidelines
Part One: Academic and Unclassified Employees
Part Two: Classified Employees
3.05.01 Processing Personnel Actions
3.06.02 Mandatory Retirement of Academic and Nonacademic Employees and Employment of Retired Personnel
3.07.02 Traffic Regulations and Parking and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee
3.09.01 Serving and Consumption of Food and Beverages on LSU in Shreveport Campus
3.10.00 Exception to PM-8 Requiring Full-time Enrollment for Student Employment
3.11.02 Refund of Tuition and Fees
3.12.00 Endowments -- Reinvestments in the Future
3.13.00 Purchase of Computers and Similar Technology with University-Wide Funds
3.15.00 Student Employment
3.17.00 Recoupment of Overpayments
3.18.01 Database Security Breach Notification
3.19.00 Pre-Employment Screening
3.20.01 Rewards and Recognition Certification Program
3.21.01 Email Policy Statement
3.22.00 Identity Theft Prevention Program
3.23.00 Cell Phone Policy
3.24.00 Annual Ethics Training for all Full Time and Part Time Employees
3.25.00 Insurance Requirements for Facility Usage
3.26.00 Staff Performance Evaluations
3.27.01 Tobacco-Free Campus
3.28.00 Guidelines for Reimbursement of Expenses for Prospective Students with Special Talents
3.29.00 Sponsorship of International Employees
3.30.00 VPN Acceptable Use Policy
3.31.00 Financial Holds on Student Accounts with Past Due Balances
3.32.00 Serving, Possessing, and Consuming of Alcoholic Beverages
3.33.00 Breastfeeding Policy
3.34.00 Cash-handling Policy
3.35.00 University Animal Policy
3.36.00 Staff Senate Support Scholarship
4.04.02 Students with Disabilities
4.06.00 Student Fee Exemptions Deadline
4.10.00 Student Organizations
4.11.01 Communication with Students
4.13.02 Speech and Demonstration Regulations
4.14.01 Student Threat Assessment Team
4.15.00 Missing Residential Student Policy and Procedures
4.17.01 Student Complaints
5.00.01 Internal and External Communications
6.01.03 General Safety
6.02.03 Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing Policy, etc.
6.03.01 Property Control and Purchasing
6.04.00 Inspection Policy
6.05.00 JSAs
6.06.03 Blood-Borne Pathogen
6.07.01 First Aid
6.08.02 Hazard Communication and Chemical Safety Program
6.10.00 Bonds, Crime, & Property
6.11.00 Key Control
6.12.00 Equipment Management
6.13.00 Authorized Driver Program
6.14.00 Boiler Program
6.15.00 Elevator Policy
6.16.00 Confined Spaces
6.17.00 Water Vessel Safety
6.18.00 Lock Out/Tag Program
7.01.00 Guidelines for Refund for Tuition Assistance for Military Personnel
7.02.00 Administration of Student Scholarships and Exemptions
7.03.00 Criminal History Policy
7.04.00 Awarding of LSUS Scholarships to Entering Freshman and Transfer Students
7.05.00 Access and Release of Student Records
7.06.00 Student Immunization Records
7.07.00 Distance Learning
7.08.00 Verification of Student Identity in Distance Education
7.09.00 Privacy of Educational Records
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