Academic Success

Located on the first floor of the Noel Memorial Library, the Office of Academic Success is located within the Student Success Center. The Office of Academic Success aspires to empower LSUS students to cultivate the personal and academic skills necessary to be independent, lifelong learners and engaged members of the global community. The department acts as a compass to help students navigate their college careers and get a bearing on success through tutoring, academic coaching, and other academic support and learning opportunities.

  • Tutoring: Schedule an in-person or Zoom appointment with a certified peer tutor for academic support in a variety of content areas.
  • Coaching: Schedule an in-person or Zoom appointment with a certified Academic Support coach and get real-time help and tips with time management, procrastination, learning strategies, and much more!
  • You can also access any of the Academic Success services and resources on Moodle.

Office of Academic Success

Hours: 8am - 4:30 pm

Support for Students

TutoringStudents can email, call, or visit the SSC front desk to find an available tutor based on subject. Tutoring meetings can be conducted in-person at the Student Success Center or online through Zoom. Walk-ins are also welcome!

  • 318-795-2486
  • Individual tutoring is offered in 30-minute blocks.
  • Up to 2 sessions can be scheduled at a time.
  • Additional appointments can be scheduled after the session is completed.
  • Prepare for your tutoring session:
    • Plan ahead! Don't wait until the last minute.
    • Do as much work as you can before the session.
    • Determine specific questions you would like to discuss with the tutor.
    • Attend consistently, build tutoring into your weekly schedule like a class.
    • Bring course materials and notes.
    • Practice what you are learning in session at home and in class.
  • Small group-tutoring and study groups are offered in 60 minute blocks. Contact the Student Success Center if you want to schedule a group session

Academic Coaching: Academic Support Coaches are available for in-person or online Zoom appointments throughout the fall and spring semesters. Come study with a coach and get real-time help and support with time management, procrastination, learning strategies, stress reduction, and much more!

Support for Faculty and Staff

Refer Students to a Tutor or Academic CoachFaculty and Staff can email or call to refer students to our services. Academic Success will communicate and follow-up with you and the student every step of the way.

Schedule an Academic Success Workshop: Instead of canceling class or practice for a personal or professional conflict, one of our Academic Success experts can guide your students or team through a workshop of your choice. You can also schedule workshops for when you are present. We can collaborate and customize workshops based on the needs of your content and course. We can lead workshops on the following topics:

  • Study Skills and Successful Academic Habits
  • Time Management and Scheduling your Day, Week, or Semester
  • Text Anxiety and Preparation
  • How to Successfully Take Notes
  • How to Work and Learn Collaboratively on Projects and in Groups
  • How to Communicate and Present Information Effectively

To have adequate time to prepare your workshop, we generally ask for a two-week notice (requests sent with less than a two-week notice will still be reviewed). We will respond to requests within 4 business days. For more information, please email

Request a Tutor for your Course: our certified Peer Tutors can provide support in class or organize a facilitated study group. For more information, please email