Occupational Physiology

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

LSU Shreveport is the first in the country to offer a bachelor's degree in Occupational Physiology, a great precursor to physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, exercise science or environmental science.

Earn a occupational physiology degree from Louisiana State University Shreveport and select from one of five concentrations. Students in this emerging degree field will be prepared to earn certifications from professional organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

Why LSUS' occupational physiology degree program?

The LSUS occupational physiology degree is the only one of its kind in the nation. As an occupational physiology major at LSUS, you'll have the opportunity to use elite, state-of-the-art equipment like an atmospheric chamber, BOD POD, motion capture analysis techonology and more! The kinesiology and health sciences department maintains close connections with the LSU Health Sciences campuses and other industry leaders, allowing for unique networking and hands-on skill building opportunities. 

Experiential learning to prepare for real-world careers 

Occupational physiology majors at LSUS are required to complete a practicum through which you’ll gain experience observing industry practices, assisting a supervisor and assessing procedures and clients. This opportunity will provide you with unparalleled experience entering a full-time position or graduate studies. Occupational physiology students will get to analyze physiological issues as they relate to the ambient environment in various exercise settings with athletes and professionals in the LSUS Human Performance Lab.

Ready to pilot your future?
Ready to pilot your future?
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Estimated four years for first-time freshmen
  • In person
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Explore the Occupational Physiology Bachelor’s Degree at LSUS

The occupational physiology degree at LSUS will provide you with basic knowledge on the analysis of physiological issues and the prescription of effective nutritional, physical, and psychological interventions. You'll also develop a keen understanding of functional anatomy and the biomechanical aspects of movement, while learning effective coaching strategies related to exercise and conditioning.

Hands-on experience

As an occupational physiology major at LSUS, you'll graduate with an abundance of connections and experience. Through applied practice and firsthand participation in assisted lab work, you'll develop real world skills utilizing modern and emerging technology relevant to the field. 

Student life

The Kinesiology, Health and Sport Science Club and the Public Health Student Association at LSUS are two of the 70+ student-run clubs on campus. From community projects to networking events, involvement in these organizations provide opportunities to strengthen your résumé and make connections.

Network for success

The LSUS department of kinesiology and health science has strong connections to the LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. From exclusive courses to advanced research, this collaboration helps occupational physiology majors transition into a wide-range of graduate programs and careers.

Financial aid for Occupational Physiology majors

More than $12.4 million in scholarship money is given to LSUS students every year. Take some time to explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for


program of its kind in the USA


Occupational Physiology Concentration

The coaching concentration of the occupational physiology degree includes coursework specific to sports management, sports science, and sports performance planning among others.

Environmental Physiology

Occupational Physiology Concentration

With a concentration in environmental physiology, you'll delve into more specifics on tactical strength and conditioning, cardiovascular physiology and health careers. 

Exercise Science

Occupational Physiology Concentration

The exercise science concentration is designed for occupational physiology majors desiring expertise in fitness and wellness. The curriculum for physical activity majors complies with the majority of graduate studies programs in public health and strength and conditioning. 

Health and Fitness Management

Occupational Physiology Concentration

As a occupational physiology major with a concentration in health fitness management, you’ll take courses from both the public health and business departments.

Strength and Conditioning

Occupational Physiology Concentration

The LSUS kinesiology and health sciences department is home to the USA Weightlifting High Performance and Development Center – the first and most successful in the country. As a occupational physiology major with a concentration in strength and conditioning, you’ll have the opportunity to use this center to your advantage for research and practicum experiences.

Where can an Occupational Physiology Degree from LSUS Take You?

With a guaranteed internship or practicum experience under your belt, you’ll graduate with an occupational physiology degree from LSUS prepared to build your career as an: 

  • Occupational therapist 
  • Physical therapist
  • Strength coach 
  • Athletic trainer 
  • Personal trainer 

Occupational physiology majors are built to easily tack on a minor. Take some time to explore your additional academic opportunities at LSUS. 

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LSUS also offers a Master of Public Health and a Master of Health Administration, which are designed to further prepare students for careers in healthcare and government.  

Public Health Faculty

Jill Rush-Kolodzey, PhD

Associate Professor
Office: BE 388A
Phone: 318-797-5218
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Xi Jin, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: BE 346C
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Jemin Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Marshae McNeal, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: Business Education, 119F
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Kyle Pierce, PhD

Director of USA Weightlifting and High Performance Center
Office: Health and Physical Education Building, Room 215
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What career can I have with an occupational physiology degree from LSUS?