The Center for Business and Economic Research at Louisiana State University Shreveport, founded in 1982 as the Center for Business Research, was originally organized to develop a base of socioeconomic data about the Shreveport area, to analyze area economic trends and factors, and to disseminate the results to the community. Today, the Center for Business and Economic Research continues with this core mission by:

  • Serving as the central source for economic research for new business recruitment and existing business expansion for the Northwest Louisiana region. 
  • Maintaining a database of local and regional economic indicators, updated monthly.
  • Analyzing area economic trends and publishing reports for use by area businesses and economic development organizations.
  • Conducting an annual Economic Outlook Conference.
  • Conducting applied business research projects and economic impact studies on contract basis.
  • Providing Census data maps and marketing territory maps.
  • Partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to serve as a Census Information Center helping to disseminate Census data to the community.

The Center for Business and Economic Research has been designated as a Census Information Center (CIC). The CIC is a cooperative program between the U.S. Census Bureau and 56 national, regional, and local non-profit organizations. This program represents the interest of under-served communities. The CICs serve as repositories of census data and reports, making census data available to the public and to the communities they serve. The CICs use census data in areas such as program planning, advocacy needs assessment, defining service areas, public policy development, developing new business enterprises, and conducting race/ethnic-related research.

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