Computer Systems Technology

Master of Science (M.S.)

Earn your master degree in Computer Systems Technology from Louisiana State University Shreveport, an interdisciplinary program with a computer science core.

Take the next step in your career with a master’s degree in computer systems technology from LSU Shreveport. The computer systems technology program offers concentrations in computer science, cybersecurity and networking, business administration and biomedical informatics. 

Why LSUS’ Computer Systems Technology program? 

The Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology is an interdisciplinary program that integrates mathematics, biology and business with a computer science core. Welcoming many students from industries in the Shreveport area and surrounding region, our master’s program offers a strong network of technology professionals and a close bond with the local community. Computer systems technology faculty bring extensive research experience to the program and students have opportunities to engage in graduate research and explore special topics courses.  

Research and experiential learning 

In the computer systems technology program, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a variety of graduate research projects – from working on cutting-edge problems in the field of biomedical informatics, to exploring the role of technology in global business. LSUS’ new interdisciplinary Cyber Collaboratory will also offer a 10,000 square foot lab space equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including robotic platforms, 3D printing, graphics and visualization workstations, modeling/simulation, GIS, game development, haptics, virtual reality and much more. Funding for graduate students to work directly in this environment as teaching and research assistants will be available. 

LSUS MSCST Admissions Requirements

A student entering this program must schedule an interview with the MSCST Program Coordinator and must complete a separate program application form.

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Explore the Computer Systems Technology Master’s Degree at LSUS

The master’s degree in computer systems technology at LSU Shreveport is a unique graduate program that brings together studies in computer science, mathematics, biology and business. These are some of the reasons to choose LSUS for your graduate degree.  

Networking and career development opportunities 

Many alumni of the computer systems technology program serve as adjunct instructors and serve as mentors to current students. Employers often seek interns from our program, allowing graduate students to gain valuable career experience while working toward their master’s degrees. 

Student life 

LSUS offers more than 70 student clubs and organizations that offer a variety of opportunities to get involved in the community and network with area professionals. Computer systems technology students are encouraged to participate in the computing club, game development club and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).  

Learn from the best 

Our faculty bring diverse academic experience and an established record of research activities and funding to studies in computer science and biomedical informatics. Their work supports graduate student research that often leads to publicationOne of our faculty also has a long lasting industry partnership with an industry leader in Real-Time Systems, which has led to exciting internship and research opportunities for our students.  

Financial aid for master’s in Computer Systems Technology graduate students 

More than $12.4 million in scholarship money is awarded to LSUS students each year. Take some time to explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for. 

Computer Science

Computer Systems Technology Concentration

Gain a strong foundation in computer science and computing technologies with an emphasis on applying computing to solve real world problems. This concentration is ideal for students who already have a computer science or computer information systems degree, or who have a degree in another field but want to develop their technical knowledge in computing. Focus areas available within this concentration include software engineering, data base systems, AI, robotics, Real-Time Systems, graphics, game development, numerical methods and more. 

Cybersecurity and Networking

Computer Systems Technology Concentration

Students gain a deep understanding of network and security issues critical to the IT industries of the 21st century. Our course of study not only gives a rich background in the theory but provides many opportunities to explore practical and hands on experiences. The new Cyber Collaboratory will have a new dedicated network/security lab to provide an even more advanced learning environment. As part of the Cisco Academy our students are also gaining the skills necessary to earn various certifications. Students with backgrounds in any computing discipline are well positioned to enter this concentration.

Business Administration

Computer Systems Technology Concentration

Gain both the technological expertise and the business perspective to work on technical problems within a business domain. This concentration is designed for students who want more technical expertise than an MBA program offers, but who also want a solid background in the problem-solving domain of business. The program is ideal for students who earn an undergraduate degree in the College of Business or in Computer Information Systems in the Computer Science Department. 

Biomedical Informatics

Computer Systems Technology Concentration

Learn how to apply the tools and techniques of computing and information technology to solve the problems of medical science. The biomedical informatics concentration is a training and research program through which computer scientists can develop biological expertise, and medical professionals, biologists and chemists can acquire programming skills and knowledge of computer science. This thesis-optional program offers extensive training on gene expression, DNA and protein sequence and structural analysis, optimization and statistical methodologies, data mining, visualization, algorithm design and database development.

Where Can a Master’s Degree in Computer Systems Technology from LSUS Take You?

LSUS’ Computer Science department has a proven track record of supplying master’s degree graduates to local, regional and national employers. The demand is growing, and the opportunities are wide ranging for graduates of the computer systems technology program. Career options include:  

  • Web developer 
  • Data scientist 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Database administrator 
  • Game Developer 
  • Network administrator  
  • Clinical data analyst  
  • Business intelligence developer 
  • Computer network architect 
  • Mobile application developer 

Learn more about courses for each of the computer systems technology master’s degree concentrations.

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What career can I have with a master's in computer science degree from LSUS?