Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics and Physics

Combine your love of Math and Physics into one degree! Earn your bachelor's degree in Math and Physics from Louisiana State University Shreveport.

Earn your bachelor’s degree in mathematics at LSU Shreveport. A math major is one of the very best training grounds to acquire the kind of analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills most valued by employers across professional fields. With your math degree from LSUS, you’ll gain a broad education to prepare you for life.

Why LSUS’ mathematics concentration?

At LSUS, you’ll learn from award-winning professors who are noted researchers in diverse fields of mathematics. Even more, you’ll get to work closely with your professors in small classes, participate in research and benefit from their personal guidance and mentorship – an experience you won’t find at many larger universities. Students have even published their own research under the leadership of LSUS faculty!

Ready to pilot your future?
Ready to pilot your future?
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics and Physics
  • Estimated four years for first-time freshmen
  • In-person
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Explore the Mathematics Concentration at LSUS

Math majors study areas such as finance, math education, statistics and actuarial science. Whether you want to work for NASA, teach high school math or prepare for the actuarial exam, the mathematics concentration at LSUS will prepare you to take the next step in your education and career.

Undergraduate research

Our math students are actively involved in research projects with faculty. A recent project, funded by the Biomedical Research Foundation, involved working with a local doctor and using individual control charts to determine a statistically significant change in patients’ conditions. Another faculty-student research project – called “Square Products of Punctured Sequences of Factorials” – appeared both as a conference publication as well as an article in the Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society.

Get involved

Faculty-sponsored activities include community-interest projects, math contests and travel to conferences. We also look for opportunities for students to get involved in internships with local businesses in the Shreveport community.

Learn from the best

LSUS professors are world-class scholars and researchers. They have published work in top academic journals such as The American Mathematical Monthly, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, the Journal of Accounting and Finance, and the Journal of Applied Business and Economics.

Financial aid for mathematics majors

Approximately $12.4 million in scholarships is awarded to LSUS students every year. Explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for as a math major.

LSUS mathematics faculty have worked with students and offered classes specifically to help prepare for the actuarial exam. We have also offered unique classes for math majors such as Gödelian Logic, Graph Theory and Mathematica.

The Louisiana Preparatory Program (LaPREP)

LSUS’ Dr. Spaht directs LaPREP – a mathematics enrichment program for high-ability middle and early high school (mostly minority) students. No participant of the program has dropped out of high school and so far all have enrolled in college with approximately 80 percent majoring in math or science.

Other Concentrations in the Mathematics and Physics Major

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics also offers a concentration area in physics, with the ability to focus your studies in applied physics and theoretical physics. Learn more about the physics concentration at LSUS.

Mathematics Faculty

Zsolt Lengvarszky, PhD

Department Chair
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 430
Phone: 318-797-5282
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Melinda Cassel, MS

Office: BH 450
Phone: 318-795-2397
View Profile

Irina Ilioaea, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 420
Phone: 318-795-2395
View Profile

Rogers Martin, MS

Office: Bronson Hall, Room 448
Phone: 318-797-5177
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Stephan Patterson, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 454
Phone: 318-797-5354
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Deborah Shepherd, PhD

Associate Professor
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 1010
Phone: 318-797-5352
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Kerry Shockley

LaPrep Project Manager
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 411
Phone: 318-797-5356
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Tibor Szarvas, PhD

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 226
Phone: 318-797-5371
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What career can I have with a mathematics degree from LSUS?