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Turn your passion for history into a career! Earn your bachelor's degree in History from Louisiana State University Shreveport, and learn about archiving, preservation, libraries, museums, and more.

Join a hands-on bachelor’s degree program that takes you beyond the classroom and into the real history of human experience. As a history major at LSUS, you’ll learn about the past to better understand the present. And you’ll gain knowledge and experience that will prepare you for a wide range of careers.  

Why LSUS’ history degree program? 

At LSUS, history is something you can touch and feel, and it’s beyond just reading out of a book. You’ll work side-by-side with professors who believe history is more than just stories—it’s tactile. Between the research and the faculty experience, your time as a history major at LSUS will be unlike anywhere else. Graduates from this program have gone on to earn their Ph.D.’s, work as curators of museums, historians, authors, professors and more. 

Experiential learning to prepare for real-world careers 

From working with the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force to researching the Vatican, there are a number of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom at LSUS. As a history major, you could potentially speak at national conferences, publish your research, and make connections at networking events. If you’re always curious or asking why, the LSUS history department just might be where you’ll thrive. 

Ready to pilot your future?
Ready to pilot your future?
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Explore the History Bachelor’s Degree at LSUS

History is more than just knowing what happened when. It’s seeking the truth and understanding of human beings by studying their past actions and environments. Whether you plan to go on to graduate school or enter the professional world, your bachelor’s degree in history from LSUS will prepare you for success.  

Hands-on experience 

As a history major, your courses and research opportunities will be filled with exciting discoveries. From trying on a suit of armor to using infrared cameras to detect cemetery depressions, your experiences at LSUS will be unique and memorable.  

Student life 

Of LSUS’ 70+ student clubs and organizations, history majors often participate in the History Club. This group provides opportunities to network with historians in Louisiana and beyond and gain additional experiences that will help you build on your résumé. 

Set up for success 

As a history major at LSUS, you’ll be equipped to pursue positions in a variety of career fieldsOne reason is the diverse topics you’ll be exposed to in the classroom. You can take courses on the history of Louisiana, Imperial Russia, the history of science, and the Cold War, just to name a few.  

Financial aid for history majors 

About $12.4 million in scholarship money is awarded to LSUS students every year. Take some time to explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for.


History Concentration

History is more than just knowledge of what happened when, but seeks understanding of human beings by studying their past actions and environments. Historians are found in a variety of areas such as museums, preservation, archiving, libraries, the legal field, and specific projects requiring researching and writing skills.

Political Science

History Concentration

Political Science involves the study of people and institutions in regards to how decisions are made regarding the exercise of power and how social order is achieved through it. It has many subdisciplines that focus on individual and group decision-making, institutions and their functions, international politics, comparisons of states and institutions, and normative questions involving legal systems and human beings rights and responsibilities in the social order. Holders of this degree often enter government service or in the service of international organizations, work for political institutions or policy-makers, go on to legal careers, or provide expertise to business enterprises in both domestic and international affairs.

“When doors started opening for me, I found that LSUS had prepared me more than I knew. Graduate school was less difficult because I learned to think, research, write, and communicate while I was at LSUS.”
Trey Gibson, PhD
Instructor of Leadership Studies

From a European Scholar to a Retired Air Force General, you’ll learn from professors who have direct experience in the topics you’re interested in.

The History Club takes part in unique projects all the time. One includes helping identify planes and tail codes through historic photos!

Where Can a History Degree from LSUS Take You?

Both traditional and pioneering routes for history majors remain popular. As a history major at LSUS, you’ll be prepared for a career in a number of fields, such as: 

  • Museum studies 
  • Preservation 
  • Archiving 
  • Library science 
  • Law 
  • Research 
  • Writing 

Learn more about the history curriculum. 

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History Faculty

Gary Joiner, PhD

Department Chair
Office: BH 437
Phone: 318-798-4176
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Blake Dunnavent, PhD

Associate Professor
Office: Bronson Hall, Room 355
Phone: 318-797-5078
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Kenna Franklin, EdD

Assistant Vice Provost for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement
Office: Administration Building, Room 274
Phone: 318-797-5084
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Robert Miciotto, PhD

Professional in Residence
Office: Noel Memorial Library, Room 109
Phone: 318-798-4119
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Alexander Mikaberidze, PhD

Professor of History
Office: Bronson Hall 449
Phone: (318) 795-2415
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Jeffrey Sadow, PhD

Associate Professor
Office: Bronson Hall, 337
Phone: 318-797-5159
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Cheryl White, PhD

Office: Bronson Hall, Room 459
Phone: 318-797-5353
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