Forms / Templates available in DocuSign
To login to DocuSign, please go to using your university single sign on, then go to "Templates" and then select "All templates." Select "Use" to begin. Make sure to change the email subject line to reflect the action taken. For example: Adjunct Offer letter, Susie Smith, INAR 100, Spring 2022, etc.

The following documents are set up as templates in DocuSign. 
Adjunct Offer letters - Please submit an offer letter for each course. 
Background check release
 - all new hires (with the exception of student workers) are required to complete a background check prior to beginning work at LSUS. HR will initiate the background check release. 
Civil Service Appointment Form - Managers please use this form for each new hire and change in appointment.
Exit Sheets
- this should  be used upon termination of employment.
Faculty Offer letters
- Please note that this is not a template in DocuSign. Please work with Kristin Fiser or Bill Wolfe on all faculty offer letters. 
- Managers should use this form to create a new position, change source of funds or replace an employee. 
PER-3 (Additional compensation) - Managers should use this form for course overloads, and large class size courses, etc. Twelve month employees are required to submit annual leave, an alternate work schedule or a combination of the two for any work performed during regular business hours. 
PER-4 (Professorship stipend request) - Faculty may request a stipend from their professorship account.  Please note that requests do not cross academic / fiscal years.
PM-11 - Disclosure of Outside employment. 
Student Appointment Form
- Managers please use this form to hire student workers (max 20 hours per week) out of their budget. Student workers must be full-time students in order to be eligible to work as a student worker. Managers may want to check with Financial Aid to hire students via Federal Workstudy. 
Temporary Employment Agreement - Managers please use this form to hire temporary employees for up to 120 days.  A background check is required. 
Unclassified Offer letters - Please submit an offer letter for unclassified employees. 

The following documents are not yet available in DocuSign but may be routed as an "envelope." Please contact a representative in HR if you need assistance.

Pre-hire forms

Download the Reference Checking Form

Use this form to check references prior to making an offer. Hiring managers should submit this directly to HR. 
Download the Pre-Hire Authorization Form
This form is to be used by departments requiring new faculty to have access to Compass and be listed as Instructor in the scheduling system. These employees will be pre-hired into the system by Human Resources. The employees will not be given a paid assignment without a signed offer letter and new hire packet. Please ensure these packets are completed in a timely manner.
Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
This form must be signed by all employees prior to their first day of work. This form explains the reduction and/or elimination of social security benefits for those in a defined retirement plan.
Download the Affirmative Action Summary
To be used when hiring new faculty and unclassified employees. It must accompany the offer letter.

Other forms
Form I-9 (Must be completed on or before 1st day of work)
As required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, all new employees must complete the Form I-9 and present the proper unexpired original documents to Human Resources (Administration Building, room 108) on or before their first day of work.
A complete list of acceptable documents are outlined on page 3 of the Form I-9 under "List of Acceptable Documents."  
Employees must present one document from from List A OR
Employees must present a combination of one document from List B and one from List C.
Note: Employers cannot specify which document(s) employees may present from the List of Acceptable Documents.
Remote I-9 Procedures
Manager who hire remote adjunct instructors should contact Kristin Fiser at for separate procedures for hiring remote employees.  
Direct Deposit Form
Please complete the direct deposit form and turn into LSUS Human Resources. This form will be sent to LSU Baton Rouge for processing. Direct deposit is mandatory. Employees may request a hardship in some cases.
Recoupment of Overpayments Form
Faculty, classified, unclassified employees and adjuncts should complete this form.
Motor Vehicle and Safety Fee Form
Faculty, classified, unclassified employees and adjuncts should complete this form.
Tuition Exemption Form
Please submit to HR to be routed in DocuSign.

COVID-19 Accomodations Request Form

COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Request Form

LSUS Grievance Form

Staff Senate Support Payroll Deduction

Performance Evaluations

Use the Performance Evaluations link above for the Civil Service PES Toolbox which contains forms and instructions for the PES system for both classified and unclassified employees.

PM-11-Disclosure of Outside Employment

Download the PM-11 Form A - Use this form to disclose any outside employment as mandated by LSU System Permanent Memorandum 11.

Download the PM-11 Form B - Use this form to disclose outside employment, requiring Chancellor approval.