Hiring New Adjuncts

Department Chair responsibilities before the new adjunct begins work:

Make sure that the new adjunct requests an applicable official transcript(s) to be sent directly from the university to Human Resources.  Transcripts cannot have a stamp with “issued to student.”

Department Chair should complete a pre-hire form. The form is located at on the New Hire Forms page as well. Turn the completed form into HR.

  • Upon receipt of the pre-hire form, HR will generate a PID number and submit a work order to IT Services to generate a LSUS email account and Moodle access.
  • The email address will be sent to the Chair from IT Services. The Chair is responsible for sending log on information to the new adjunct.
  • Please make sure that the adjunct is able to check email and log on to Moodle. The Chair should contact the Director of Online Learning with Moodle issues.

The Department Chair should complete an offer letter. The template is located on the G drive / Academic Affairs / Form letters. Please use the dates provided by Academic Affairs. Adjunct compensation should follow PS 2.33 Faculty compensation guidelines.

The Department Chair should also complete a new faculty credential form. The form is located on the G drive / Academic Affairs / forms / Faculty Certification of Credentials. Attach the completed form to the offer letter.

Confirm that HR has received the official transcript(s).

Notify HR if the employee is a remote employee. HR will need to send special I-9 instructions to the supervisor and employee.

Other Department Chair responsibilities:

If necessary, the Department Chair should contact IT Services for a phone extension and any necessary additional computer set up. Go to and submit a work order.

Make sure to have the employee sign the offer letter. Retain a copy for departmental files, copy to Academic Affairs, and the original should be sent to HR.

Manager should promptly review/approve any costing allocations or transactions for the new hire in Workday. The employee will not be able to onboard in Workday until this is completed.

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