Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Criminal Justice (B.C.J.)

A degree in Criminal Justice can prepare you for a number of exciting careers! Earn your bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from Louisiana State University Shreveport.

Earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from LSUS and prepare for a career in law enforcement, judiciary, corrections, forensic science, security, or justice administration. From communication and critical thinking skills, to the basic understanding of science, LSUS criminal justice majors graduate with the experience to thrive in this versatile field. 

Why LSUS’ criminal justice degree program? 

The criminal justice major at LSUS has specialized concentrations that will take your degree to the next level. You’ll take classes on a wide-variety of topics such as community policing, juvenile delinquency, and international security. Your courses will also be taught by faculty who held careers in the criminal justice field. 

Experiential learning to prepare for real-world careers 

As you pursue a degree in criminal justice at LSUS, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in class to an internship. Criminal justice students have secured positions at law enforcement agencies, probation and parole departments, and with court systems across the country. The participation, observation, and reflection of working for a criminal justice agency will better prepare you to head into the workforce following graduation. 

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Explore the Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree at LSUS

The criminal justice major at LSUS is hands-on and situation-focused. The program will expose you to courses and experiences from different departments, ultimately preparing you to be adaptable and knowledgeable across disciplines. 

Situation-focused courses 

At LSUS, diverse course selections show you the different types of scenarios presented throughout the criminal justice industry. Topics include cybercrime, terrorism, profiling, gangs in America, women in crime, and more. 

Student life 

Criminal justice majors have the opportunity to join Alpha Phi Sigma—the criminal justice honor society. This organization gives you the opportunity to grow your résumé and network with area professionals.  

Set up for success 

As a criminal justice majoryou’ll obtain a strong understanding of crime prevention, the adjudication of guilt or innocence, and the apprehension and detainment of criminals. When you earn your bachelor’degree you’ll feel ready heading into the workforce. 

Financial aid for criminal justice majors 

More than $12.4 million in scholarship money is given to LSUS students each yearCriminal justice majors have the chance to qualify for additional scholarships within the History & Social Sciences Department. Explore the types of financial aid you may be eligible for. 

Criminal Justice Concentrations


Criminal Justice Concentration

The generalist concentration gives you an in-depth look at topics such as the judicial process, the Supreme Court, the analysis of crime, and social response. You’ll be ready to take on a professional career in law enforcement, corrections, probation, juvenile justice, and security.

Security Studies

Criminal Justice Concentration

The security studies concentration prepares you for a career in cybercrime, counterterrorism, homeland security, and other related positions.

Forensic Science

Criminal Justice Concentration

This science-oriented concentration will prepare you for a career in criminal investigation through the use of scientific and analytical techniques. You’ll better understand topics such as the police process, the examination of physical evidence, and gathering reliable evidence by taking courses like Criminal Investigation, Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibrium. 

Political Science

Criminal Justice Concentration

In the political science concentration, you’ll take courses ranging on topics from criminal law to urban politics. You’ll graduate prepared for a variety of positions relating to law enforcement and government. 

“LSUS helped me achieve success by providing professors who cared and were passionate about teaching. [My advice to you] is to choose a career that you are passionate about. Be willing to be fully committed to the duty of your chosen profession.”
Alan Crump
Former Chief of Police for the City of Shreveport Police Department (retired)

LSUS criminal justice professors are engaged and active experts in their industry. Dr. Hale—professor and program director—is active in professional organizations such as the Terrorism Research Center. Instructor Young is a retired officer who achieved the rank of lieutenant! 

Since 2010, students have been involved in the continued transcription and analysis of 50 years of handwritten arrest records.

Where Can a Criminal Justice Degree from LSUS Take You?

With no shortage of jobs in the criminal justice field, LSUS will make sure you’re ready to head into the workforce. Graduates of the criminal justice program go on to careers in fields including: 

  • Law enforcement 
  • Corrections 
  • Probation and parole 
  • Juvenile justice 
  • Private sector security 
  • Cybercrime 
  • Counterterrorism 
  • Homeland security 
  • Criminal investigation 

Learn more about course requirements for each criminal justice concentration.

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Criminal Justice Faculty

W. Christopher Hale, PhD

Office: Bronson Hall, Room 106
Phone: 318-797-5295
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William "Bill" Pederson, PhD

Office: Bronson Hall, Room 321
Phone: 318-797-5138
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Riley Young, MCJ

Office: BH 339
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What career can I have with a criminal justice degree from LSUS?