At LSU Shreveport and our Kinesiology department, including the Human Performance Lab, significant studies have been conducted, which contribute to the advancement of knowledge in kinesiology, sports science, and leadership. Here's an overview of the notable studies:

Weightlifting and Performance Optimization

Dr. Pierce has conducted studies exploring various aspects of weightlifting, including heart rate and lactate levels during weight-training exercise, the relationship between vertical jump power estimates and weightlifting ability, and the effects of different weight-training programs on squat performance. His research provides valuable insights into training methodologies, physiological responses, and performance enhancement in weightlifting.

Periodization and Adaptation

Dr. Pierce has contributed to the understanding of periodization in sports and its relationship to the general adaptation syndrome. His studies shed light on how periodized training programs can optimize athletic performance and facilitate physiological adaptations in athletes.

Youth Resistance Training

Dr. Pierce has been involved in developing position statements and conducting research on youth resistance training. His work emphasizes safe and effective strength training practices for children and adolescents, focusing on technique, load progression, and supervision.

Neural Function and Decision-Making Under Stress

Dr. Coehoorn's studies explore the impact of rapid heat stress on neural function, decision-making abilities, and cognitive performance, particularly in firefighters. His research provides insights into the physiological and cognitive effects of heat stress in high-pressure situations.

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Our department's studies reflect a dedication to advancing knowledge in multiple respective fields. Our research contributes to the understanding of sports performance, training methodologies, leadership behaviors, and organizational dynamics. Their work has implications for enhancing athletic performance, optimizing training programs, and fostering positive work environments.