Food Services

LSUS offers a number of on-campus food options to satisfy your cravings and keep you fueled up and ready to learn. From homestyle daily specials and grab-and-go delights at the Port Grille to pastries and boba tea at STACKS Coffee Shop, you'll find exactly what you need to power through the day. With convenient PilotCash reloads to your student ID (or Pilot Card), mobile tap payment systems, and on-campus food delivery services, you won't have to spend time in long lines to get what you want.

Coming Fall 2024: Pilot Dining Dollars! 

lsus meal plans coming soon 2024

Pilot Dining Dollars is a sales tax-exempt, financial aid eligible meal option available to all LSUS students. These Dining Dollars can be used at the Port Grille, Stacks Coffee Shop and in the vending machines. 

Learn more about Pilot Dining Dollars.

The Port Grille

Located in the University Center, The Port Grille is your one-stop-shop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choices include daily specials, Grab-n-Go meals, and tasty snacks and beverages. With a customizable menu and vegan and vegetarian options, you’ll always be able to find something scrumptious at The Port.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm
Location: The first floor of the University Center on the North-West entrance 
Phone: The Port Grille (318)797-5181
Catering Phone: (318)797-5303
The Port Grille Menu
The Port Grille Catering
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The Port Grille Catering Instagram 
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STACKS Coffee Shop

Nestled in the beloved Noel Memorial Library, STACKS Coffee Shop has the caffeine boost or sugar rush you need to power through your studies! Proudly serving Rhino Coffee, STACKS offers traditional caffeinated beverages, iced and hot teas, boba tea, assorted pastries and more. 

Hours of Operation: Closed for Summer beginning May 13th, will reopen August 12th
Location: The first floor of the Noel Memorial Library, by the Student Success Center 
Phone: (318)795-2398
STACKS Catering Menu
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Pilot Cash

LSUS’ declining balance, also known as PilotCash, allows you to make purchases at all on-campus food locations including the Port Grille, STACKS, and all vending machines across campus. In order to take full advantage of PilotCash, you must have a Student ID (PilotCard).

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Hungry for something off-campus but can't break away from your study session? Use Grubhub Campus Dining! With Grubhub Campus Dining, you can use the PilotCash on your student ID card (PilotCard) to order from Grubhub, have it delivered and get major discounts! Here's how: 

1. Download the Grubhub app.
2. Tap Account, then Campus Dining.
3. Follow the prompts to activate free Grubhub+ Student.
4. Start ordering from your favorite off-campus restaurants!
5. Brag to your classmates on the mall about how delicious your dinner was.

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