Specialist in School Psychology (S.S.P.)

Specialist in School Psychology (S.S.P.)

Join the Specialist in School Psychology program at Louisiana State University Shreveport, a 3-year program that includes practicum experiences and an internship.

Join a hands-on graduate program that emphasizes data-based decision making and experiential learning. LSUS’ Specialist in School Psychology program is a three-year, full-time course of academic study, practicum experiences and a paid internship leading to national certification as a school psychologist. The program is fully accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists. For information about the program, please review the SSP Student Handbook.

Why LSUS’ Specialist in School Psychology program? 

One of the unique features of LSUS’ school psychology degree is the balanced training model. When you graduate, you’ll be equally prepared to address academic and mental health challenges, with children and adolescents, across assessment and intervention-based service delivery. Second, the small cohort/in-person training model allows cohesiveness among students, collaboration with faculty, and enhances your ability to learn how to effectively assist children/youth, educators, and families. And finally, the diverse faculty at LSUS have expertise in academic assessment and intervention, applied behavior analysis, consultation, and mental health interventions to prepare you to make positive impacts in the lives of children/youth.

Experiential learning in the school psychology program 

Each year of the SSP program offers you opportunities for hands-on learning in schools and in the on-campus clinic. The first year focuses on observation, shadowing, and practice. During the second year, you’ll take part in closely supervised field experiences in addition to continued classroom training. The final year is spent in a full-time paid internship in an approved school setting. The average internship salary is $51,000. Applied experiences result in a portfolio of comprehensive cases that demonstrate a positive impact on the achievement and social behaviors of referred children.  

LSUS SSP Admissions Requirements

Application to the SSP Program is a two-part process. First, applicants must apply to the LSUS Office of Graduate Studies through the online process, submitting all official transcripts from colleges/universities attended, official scores on the GRE exam (optional), and immunization records. Acceptance by Graduate Studies does not mean that you have been admitted into the SSP program, only that you have been admitted to take graduate coursework.

Second, applicants must also apply directly to the SSP Program. Applicants should send a personal letter of intent and resume/vita directly to the SSP Program Director, as well as request at least two letters of recommendation sent to SSP Director directly from references. Upon receipt of your application, materials are reviewed by the School Psychology Training Committee to determine whether minimum admission requirements are met. This includes: (1) an undergraduate degree in psychology from an accredited institution or a BA/BS degree from an accredited institution with 12 or more hours of psychology coursework including behavioral sciences (psychology) statistics; (2) undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 point scale). Following review of application materials, applicants may be invited for a face-to-face or phone interview which is the final step of application process. The interview with faculty and current students focuses on the applicant's academic and career goals, as well as familiarity with the profession of school psychology.

Application Deadlines: March 31 is early Fall admission; June 30th is the final deadline set by LSUS Graduate Studies. The SSP Program, however, begins reviewing applications and strives to complete admission decisions by April 15. Admission decisions are made by the SSP Program Training Committee on a competitive basis and enrollment is limited.

Ready to pilot your future?
Ready to pilot your future?
  • Specialist in School Psychology (S.S.P.)
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Explore the Specialist in School Psychology Degree at LSUS

Schools psychologists work closely with children, parents, teachers and school administrators to develop an educational program that meets children's specific needs. These are some of the ways that LSUS’ specialist in school psychology degree will prepare you for your career.  

Research and hands-on experience 

The School of Reading and Organization for Cool Kids (R.O.C.K.) is a clinic-based tutoring program offered to the community. School psychology students gain valuable experience in the clinic, working with a range of academic and social concerns. Faculty and students present joint research projects every year at state and national conventions. 

Student life 

The Specialist in School Psychology Graduate Student Organization is involved with several fundraising and service activities on campus and in the community. The program also hosts a student reception, training seminar and student research poster session every year at the Louisiana School Psychological Association’s annual convention. 

Set up for success 

Students successfully secure internships in highly competitive markets, including Houston, Dallas, Denver, and Las Vegas. Three students in the past eight years have received the prestigious Will Bergeron Award, which is awarded to the top graduate student in Louisiana. The pass rate for the national Praxis exam is 100%. 

Financial aid for school psychology graduate students 

More than $12.4 million in scholarship money is awarded to LSUS students each year. Take some time to explore the types of financial aid you could qualify for. 

All core courses are taught by faculty with degrees in School Psychology.

Students have opportunities to work with children, educators, and families in school and clinic-based settings.

The Director of the SSP Program, Dr. Kevin Jones, mentors student research in the area of reading intervention as part of the School of R.O.C.K. program in the campus clinic.

Where Can a Specialist in School Psychology Degree from LSUS Take You?

Graduates of the Specialist in School Psychology program typically work in public school systems and are often assigned to several schools. Job responsibilities include providing psychological evaluations, conducting individual and group counseling sessions with children, and measuring the success of programs. School psychologists also develop academic and behavioral interventions for classrooms. Other potential career paths for professionals with school psychology experience include school administration, private practice, and university teaching.  

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Specialist in School Psychology Faculty

Kevin Jones, PhD

Associate Professor
Office: BE 352
Phone: 318-797-5043
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Katherine Wickstrom, PhD

Associate Dean of College of Education and Human Development
Office: Business Education, Room 117B
Phone: 318-797-5173
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Yong Dai, PhD

Department Chair
Office: Business Education, Room 348A
Phone: 318-797-5045
View Profile

Margaret Gifford, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: BE 360
Phone: 318-797-5341
View Profile

Brenna Griffen, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: BE 376
Phone: 318-797-5046
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Tracie Pasold, PhD

Associate Professor
Office: BE 358
Phone: 318-797-5048
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Seth Whiting, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: Business Education, Room 355
Phone: 318-797-5050
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What career can I have with a specialist in school psychology degree from LSUS?