A message from the Director of LAPREP and Its Associated Programs

Dear LaPREP supporter,

The LaPREP staff and I were eagerly anticipating the 30th session of LaPREP this summer and excited to see our returning second-year participants. However, I am extremely disappointed to announce that I must cancel LaPREP and GetSet 2022.

LaPREP is a wonderful program that has immensely blessed me as well as hundreds of participants. Even though directing LaPREP is a great privilege, it is simultaneously a great burden. Under the advice of several people, including my doctor, I must cancel LaPREP and GetSet in 2022, and I will retire from LSUS at the end of this semester. However, I plan to remain as a consultant for LaPREP and help train whomever is chosen to direct LaPREP and Its Associated Programs in 2023.

I truly wish I could have given you better news concerning this summer. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so. I deeply appreciate your interest in and support of LaPREP and Its Associated Programs. The dividends from our investment will continue to multiply and enhance our world for years to come. Thank you for your commitment to our future.

Again, my sincerest apologies,

Dr. Carlos Spaht, Director of LaPREP and Its Associated Programs

About LaPREP

LaPREP group 2021

LaPREP is a two-summer enrichment program which identifies, encourages, and instructs competent middle and early high school students, preparing them to complete a college degree program in math, science, or engineering. With emphasis on abstract reasoning, problem solving, and technical writing skills, participants attend seven weeks of intellectually demanding classes and seminars, interspersed with field trips and recreation. Class assignments, laboratory projects, and scheduled exams are integral parts of LaPREP.

The topics studied over two summer sessions include: 

  • Logic
  • Algebraic Structures
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Writing
  • Engineering
  • Life Skills and Leadership Counseling 

Students successfully completing two years of LaPREP are eligible to apply for LaPREP scholarships to attend LSUS as entering college freshmen.

 Other features of LaPREP include: 

  • Field trips to local industries
  • Visiting lecturers and minority speakers
  • College and career awareness
  • Basketball, pool, and other recreation 

LaPREP graduates are eligible to participate in LaPIXEL, a four-week summer program held on the campus of LSU Shreveport. LaPIXEL is a collaborative undertaking with the LSUS Digital Arts program. In LaPIXEL, students are taught the use of software to create visual effects that are used in lucrative fields such as advertising, cyber security programs, bio-imagery, and computer gaming. Participants use their newly acquired skills to create a playable video game from start to finish which is demonstrated in an end-of-program presentation for family and friends in the Noel Library at LSUS. 

LaPREP has also established a link with the LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport which allows LaPREP graduates to enter JUMPSTART, one of a series of medical research programs in the LSUHSC pipeline of programs that support and encourage students to pursue medical careers.

Program faculty includes college, high school, and middle school teachers. Undergraduate math and science majors serve as program assistants.


Our sponsors play a significant role in the success of our work. Thank you to those who help make a difference in our community through LaPREP. 

 And a special thanks to former Senator Sherri Buffington whose help enabled us to expand LaPREP.