Human Performance Nexus

At LSU Shreveport, the Kinesiology & Health Sciences department, a part of the College of Education and Human Development, offers more than just academic degree programs. With state-of-the-art, hands-on research and teaching space in the Human Performance Lab and world renowned faculty, coaches and staff, LSUS is able to offer cutting-edge academic programs and unique community service partnerships.

Community Service

LSU Shreveport offers a range of paid services that cater to the specific needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and participants of local sporting events and races. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive assessments, performance evaluations, and personalized guidance to help individuals reach their full potential.

Learn more about our on-site testing, performance assessments, personalized recommendations, post-event analysis and professional expertise or email to setup an appointment today! 

> Community Service in Kinesiology and Health Sciences


At LSU Shreveport, students have the opportunity to pursue two impactful majors related to Occupational Physiology and Public Health. These majors equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in promoting human health and wellbeing in different contexts.

Occupational Physiology - Undergraduate

Public Health - Undergraduate

Public Health - Graduate

Strength Sports

At LSU Shreveport, we are dedicated to promoting strength, inclusivity, and excellence in weightlifting, powerlifting and para powerlifting. We offer specialized programs and support to athletes of all abilities, providing them with the resources and guidance to reach their full potential.

> Strength Sports at LSUS

Teaching and Research

In our Kinesiology department - including the Human Performance Lab - significant studies have been conducted that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in kinesiology, sports science, and leadership.

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