The Office of Risk Management is responsible for administering the University's risk management and insurance programs.  

Our mission is to assist the University to thoughtfully, proactively and collaboratively evaluate and manage risks, in order to leverage opportunities and eliminate or mitigate adverse effects.

Employees should immediately notify Campus Police at 318.455.5497 when an injury occurs on the job. Campus Police will create an injury report and facilitate getting an employee medical treatment. 

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Student Accident and Trip Travel Insurance provides coverage for students attending or participating in both on-campus and off-campus (See PM-4) functions or activities supervised by the University (excluding sports club games, competitions, and practices on-campus).

The Accident and Student Trip Travel Policy is a minimal medical policy solely for accidents, providing $5,000 Medical & Hospital expense indemnity. Exclusions to this coverage do apply, including injuries sustained while skiing, tubing, tobogganing, or sledding. In the event of illness (with limited exceptions, see policy), the student participant must file through his/her personal health insurance.
Group Activities Accident/Trip Policy Certificate of Insurance
Master Accident Policy

Submit your Trip Travel Request online 
Please go to the following site to request trip travel. Please make sure to list the appropriate account to be billed when submitting the online request.

Student organizations or departments using the links below may purchase Accident and Trip Travel Insurance for non-LSU students, but a charge of $.10 per person per day will be billed to the organization by LSU Risk Management at the end of each semester.  Please contact LSU Risk Management for additional details.

Filing a Claim

  1. Written notice of claim or Claim Report must be given to the company within twenty days of commencement of any loss covered by this policy or as soon as is reasonably possible.  Claim Report Form

  2. All claim reports must be completed and signed by the camp director, chaperone, or group leader who is UNRELATED TO THE PATIENT. Report the following:
    - Name of the injured/ill person (patient)
    - Patient’s Date of Birth
    - Date of the disability (for either an injury or an illness)
    - How disability was sustained
  1. Please provide:
    - Complete medical diagnosis by the attending physician.
    - Itemized statements for services rendered by physician or hospital.
    - Prescription receipts complete with Rx number, name of prescription, and price.
    - Proof of payment with an itemized bill if payment has been made.
    - Payment is made directly to the medical provider unless otherwise indicated on Part 5.
  1. Mail, Fax, or Scan this Claim Report directly to LSU Risk Management.  DO NOT rely on medical providers to forward this Claim Report.
    LSU Risk Management
    253 LSU Alumni Center
    Baton Rouge, LA 70803
    Telephone: 225-578-3297
    Fax: 225-578-3577

    International travel will revert back to the standard approval processes effective January 1, 2022. 

    High Risk Travel: The standard approval process requires an additional step for travel to a high-risk country and/or restricted regions (risk advisory levels 3 or 4).  In some instances, Covid-19 will be listed as the reason for the high-risk advisory level; in such instances, the additional approval process is still required. For more information, refer to FASOP AS-18 and the “High Risk Travel” section at the bottom of this page. 

    In the Event of a International Medical or Security Emergency: Call International SOS Immediately at 215-942-8478, Membership Number: 11BCAS658364

    LSU has contracted with ACE and International SOS, Inc. to provide international travel insurance and travel assistance services for University faculty, staff and students traveling abroad on University business or sponsored activities.

    International travel insurance coverage is provided to all faculty, staff and students participating in University approved travel (excluding travel to the United States and Home Country) and have registered their travel in "MyTrips". To be considered University approved travel for coverage the following conditions must be met for each type of traveler: 

    • All Travelers - Must register their trip in "MyTrips" prior to departure. 
    • Employees - Must complete a Spend Authorization in Workday
    • Students - Must be enrolled at the University during travel and participate in a University led or sponsored trip (i.e. APA, Continuing Education, Volunteer LSU)
    • Guest - Host department must complete a Request for Authorization to Travel for Non-Worker (AS-516)

    Faculty, Staff and Guest insurance is provided at no cost to the department. Student insurance will be charged to the cost center entered in my trips. Risk Management will contact departments with registered student travel at the end of each fiscal year to make arrangements for payment.

    Faculty, Staff and Students traveling abroad should download the International SOS App or print the LSU-specific insurance card below. While this card does not have the traveler’s name on it, it will serve as the insurance card and is designed to provide the traveler’s coverage. If specific proof of coverage is required for a visa application, please request a custom certificate of insurance

    All travelers should review the security and medical assistance services available via International SOS along with information on travel destinations via the International SOS Portal.

    In addition to utilizing International SOS travelers are encouraged to register with the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Once registered you will automatically receive the most current information the State Department compiles about the country where you will be traveling.

    High Risk Travel
    LSU monitors US State Department travel advisories. To mitigate the risk associated with travel to high risk regions, the university requires that all travel to countries and/or regions for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel advisory to be reviewed and approved by the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC). Detailed information on the university’s policy on travel to high risk areas can be found in FASOP AS-18.

    Any travel intentions to regions or countries with U.S. Department of State advisory level of 3 or 4 must include separate approval request to ITOC.

    The request forms are:
    AS295 - Request for Travel to Restricted Regions for Individual Travelers (students or faculty)
    AS296 – Request for Travel to Restricted Regions for Student Study Trips
    AS297 – Faculty and Staff Emergency Contact Form

    If more assistance is needed please email Risk Management.

    Additional Information
    This coverage does not apply to international  travel. All students and employees traveling internationally must register for International Travel Insurance and Assistance Services.  

    If a University owned or rented vehicle is the mode of transportation, the driver must be an employee of the University, within the course and scope of their work or “authorized driver”.  All drivers must comply with the university's vehicle use procedures

    For more information regarding university travel regulations, please visit the LSU Accounts Payable and Travel website.

    LSUS Transitional Return to Work Program
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