Welcome MHA students! Our program encourages you to use the information that we provide below to understand your role as an online student at LSUS and proactively plan your curriculum as you progress through the coursework. Should you need any assistance while navigating the information, feel free to email with the MHA Coordinator/Advisor, Allie McGee. She is your first point of contact for concerns or questions regarding the MHA program and is eager to help you become a successful student. Her email address is Allie.McGee@lsus.edu.

Upon admittance into the MHA Program, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to view the LSUS Online Student Guide.
  2. Click here to view the MHA Student Guide.
  3. Click here to view the MHA Course Rotation.
  4. See below to view the MHA FAQ.
  5. Review all documents prior to registering for your classes.
  6. Click here to view the Important Dates.
  7. Important dates including deadlines to add classes, drop classes with refunds, and drop classes with a W should be added to your personal calendar.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the student guides and important dates as you are responsible for this information.
  9. Click here to view the Online MHA Sample Schedule.


  • How do students apply for the program? Are students admitted each term? If so, what are the application deadlines?
    Please visit the Graduate Admissions page to access the application for admission and the Admissions FAQ page for more information about the admissions process.The MHA program admission requirements are outlined in the LSUS catalog.
  • How much does tuition cost?
    Tuition and fee information is listed on the Current Tuition and Fees Schedule (view the schedule for 100% Online graduate programs).
  • Is financial aid available?
    For information about financial aid, please visit Financial Aid's Frequently Asked Questions page for Accelerated 100% Online Graduate Students.
  • When do courses begin? How long do courses last?
    Classes in the MHA Program are offered in an accelerated format. Each session/class lasts 7-weeks. Six sessions occur through the year during the fall, spring, and summer terms. To view starting and ending course dates, please view the Important Dates calendar for Accelerated Online classes.
  • Is the LSUS MHA program accredited?
    The MHA Program at LSUS fully accredited by SACS-COC and AACSB. We are ranked as one of the top programs in the country for program quality, excellence and affordability.
  • Approximately how many hours are devoted to study, preparation and assignment completion for each class?
    Students should expect to spend, on average, 24-30 hours per week on each of their three-hour credit classes due to the accelerated program structure during the seven-week session.
  • What course load do most full-time employed students take?
    Most MHA students who are employed full-time take 1 course offering each session.
  • If a student takes one class per session, how long would it take to complete the program?
    In the accelerated class model, if a student takes one class every 7-week session (therefore completing two classes each semester), the degree would take 10 sessions to complete (5 semesters or approximately 1.5 years). Students who take two classes every seven weeks (for a total of four classes per term/semester) generally complete the program in as few as twelve months. Please click on the Course Rotation page to view the offerings available each session.
  • How are most classes structured? Do students have to be online at certain times of the week for their classes?
    All of the MHA classes are 100% online. All coursework, including exams, is completed virtually. MHA class instruction occurs asynchronously. Students are expected to be actively involved each week and meet a variety of deadlines. All times reference the US central time zone. 
  • Is work experience in the healthcare field required to understand material in the program? 
    The students in the MHA Program come from a variety of backgrounds and the program is designed in such a way that experience in health care is not required. 
  • Should students take the program's four foundation courses (ECON 500, FIN 500, ISDS 500, ACCT 500) and when?
    Please review the MHA Curriculum. Students are encouraged to enroll in one or more of the foundation courses if they have not acquired knowledge in or have not taken undergraduate courses in Accounting, Finance, Economics, and/or Statistics. Enrollment in MHA Foundation courses is recommended. For example, students should consider taking one or more optional foundation courses PRIOR to a corresponding MHA course. For example, FIN 500 and ACT 500 are reommended prior to taking HCAD 760 - Healthcare Finance.
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MHA Curriculum

LSU Shreveport's 100% ONLINE MHA program consists of 10 graduate courses as noted below.

  • MHA 701 (formerly HCAD 701) Healthcare Organizational Behavior
  • MHA 702 (formerly HCAD 710)  Healthcare Human Resource Management
  • MHA 707 (formerly HCAD 730)  Healthcare Systems
  • MHA 703 (formerly HCAD 731)  Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • MHA 704 (formerly HCAD 740)  Healthcare Marketing
  • MHA 705 (formerly HCAD 750)  Healthcare Informatics
  • MHA 706 (formerly HCAD 760)  Healthcare Finance
  • MHA 710 (formerly HCAD 770)  Healthcare Economics
  • MHA 708 (formerly HCAD 780)  Healthcare Policy
  • MHA 709 (formerly HCAD 790)  Healthcare Strategic Management

Optional Foundation Courses

The MHA foundation courses are optional one credit hour classes graded on a pass/fail basis. You are encouraged to enroll in one or more of the foundation courses if you have not taken undergraduate courses in Accounting, Finance, Economics, and/or Statistics. These courses are designed to provide the necessary background and information for success in the required MHA courses. Enrollment in MHA Foundation courses is determined by the student and should be based on the student's undergraduate degree, job experience, and related skill set. The four optional foundation courses do not count towards the ten required courses in the MHA degree program.

The MHA Foundation Courses:

  • Economics 500
  • ISDS 500
  • Accounting 500
  • Finance 500

If you have questions or need additional assistance, you may contact the MHA Program Coordinator/Advisor, Allie McGee, at: Allie.McGee@lsus.edu.