Confidential advisors receive specialized training regarding laws and campus policies in order to support and advise students, faculty, and staff before and/or during the complaint process.  Confidential advisors serve as a resource for community members to ask questions and receive information without instituting notice and an investigation under PM-73. Confidential advisors may be present during any meeting conducted under PM-73 to assist and/or consult with a student or employee. Confidential advisors may not act as a spokesperson.

The following individuals serve as confidential advisors:

Ms. Jennifer Flynn-McKevitt, Director, Career Services
Noel Memorial Library, Room 158

Ms. Kendal Redel, Director/Counselor, Counseling Services
Administration Building, Room 224

Dr. Han Shi, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Finance
Business and Education Building, Room 326

Dr. Richard Watson, Chair and Professor, Department of Computer Sciences
Technology Center, Room 206

LaToya Hemphill, Coordinator of Community Standards
Administration Building, Room 208

Patience Davis, Coordinator for Access & Advocacy
Administration Building, Room 218

Confidential Advisor Resources:

Title IX Coordinator & Equity Officer
Cindy Maggio


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