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Research Interests

I am interested in sports and dance motion relative to biomechanics interpretation, body modeling, analysis of biomechanical factors or variables such as kinematic (motion) and kinetic (force, inverse dynamics and etc.) variables.

I aim to merge sport/dance motions, biomechanics, and motor behavior to help prevent injuries and develop teaching methods with a scientific approach. The basic themes of biomechanics are safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. First of all, many sports players or dancers struggle with injuries and unfortunately, they abandon their careers because of injury.

Developing optimal sport/dance-related functional movement is done by analyzing both kinematics and kinetics patterns of a given motion. Biomechanical and motor behavior research regarding sport/dance is lacking and furthering the knowledge will push the field to optimize sport/dance motions and educate players/dancers on successful motions without injuries. By using kinematic and kinetic data, we can establish current patterns of various sport/dance motions as well as gait motions. Also using that data, we can find the various factors that lead to ineffective motions. The data will then allow for changes to be made in sports/dance techniques that will keep players/dancers safe but still allow them to demonstrate athletic abilities artistically.

Selected Publications

Kim, Jemin., & Kim, K-J. (2021). Analysis of the kinematic sequence on the rotation of pirouette en dehors motion in ballet. Korean Society of Dance Science. 38, 1-14.

Han, K., Como, C., Kim, Jemin., Hung, C.-J., Hasan, M., & Kwon, Y.-H (2019). Effects of the pelvis-shoulders torsional separation style on the kinematic sequence observed in golf driving, Sports Biomechanics. 18, 663-685.

Han, K., Como, C., Kim, Jemin., Lee, S., Kim J-W., Kim D-K., & Kwon, Y.-H (2019). Effects of the golfer-ground interaction on clubhead speed in skilled male golfers, Sports Biomechanics. 18, 115-134.

Kim, J-W., Han, K., Kim, Jemin., Lee, S., Kwon, M.-S., & Tuttle, N. J. (2018) The effect of skill level difference on trunk, pelvis, and supporting leg kinematics in Taekwondo roundhouse kicks, Taekwondo Journal of Kukkiwon. 9, 219-234.

Kim, Jemin., Kim, J-H., Kim, K-J., & Suh, C-Y. (2015). Analysis of the kinematic sequence on the grand jeté en tournant motion in ballet, Dance Research Journal of Korea. 73, 17-32.

Lee, S., Davis, R., Judge, L. W., Kwon, Y.-H., Han, K., Kim, Jemin., Kim, J-W., & Kim, J-H. (2015). Gender-Based correlation profiles among the release factors and distance thrown in Paralympic seated shot put, Adapted physical activity quarterly. 32, 318-330.

Singhal, K., Kim, Jemin., Casebolt, J., Lee, S., Han, K., & Kwon, Y.-H. (2015). Gender difference in older adult's utilization of gravitational and ground reaction force in regulation of angular momentum during stair descent, Human movement science. 41, 230-239.

Kim, Jemin., Wilson, A. M., Singhal, K., Gamblin, S., Suh, C.-Y., & Kwon, Y.-H. (2014). Development of the longitudinal angular momentum in single-, double-, and triple-turn pirouette en dehors, Sports Biomechanics. 13, 215-229.

Singhal, K., Kim, Jemin., Casebolt, J., Lee, S., Han, K., & Kwon, Y.-H. (2014). Kinetic comparison of older men and women during walk-to-stair descent transition, Gait & Posture. 40, 600-604.

Teaching Assignments

KHS201 Medical Terminology
KHS312 Health Aspects of Aging
KHS325 Biomechanics
KHS325L Biomechanics Lab
KHS326 Anatomical Kinesiology

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Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 09:50-11:50 am,
Virtual ZOOM; Wednesday 1:00 PM-3:00 PM & Thursday 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
**also, by appointment