Shreveport, LA – LSU Shreveport recently hosted its 7th Annual Regional Student Scholars Forum. Held March 12th, the forum featured 75 presentations by students from 26 regional campuses in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

The goal of the Student Scholars Forums is to showcase the best and brightest students in the region and is often recognized for bringing faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students from every discipline together to present research.

“The LSUS Regional Scholars Forum is a great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from Louisiana to present their research in the company of their peers from Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma,” said Dr. Sanjay Menon, Dean of Graduate Studies. “They get to network and forge collaborations that will lead to exciting new research.”

Students are invited to present research and/or creative work in Arts & Humanities, Business, Education, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Prior to the event, abstract submissions go to the Scholars Forum Committee, and on the day of the event, students deliver a 15-minute oral presentation or a 5-minute poster presentation. A panel of judges, which includes faculty mentors representing all participating institutions, chooses the finalists who are recognized at the end of the conference.

There are four categories of presentations: undergraduate poster, graduate poster, undergraduate oral presentation, and graduate oral presentation.

Undergraduate Poster Presentation

WINNER: Maira Munoz (Tarleton State University) Food Insecurity Amongst College Students: A Mixed-Methods Study - Dr. Lindsey N. Marek, Mentor

RUNNER UP: Eial Marzouk (Louisiana State University Shreveport) Advance Temperatures and Stabilization Control for Glassy Polymeric Carbon Used in High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors for Advancement of Nuclear Safety - Dr. Malek Amir Abunaemeh, Mentor

Undergraduate Oral Presentation

WINNER: Tamra Lashelle Washington (Arkansas State University) Using Artificial Intelligence to Create an Optimal Font for those with Dyslexia - Dr. Arianne Pait, Mentor

RUNNER UP: Nicholas Pierce (University of Texas) The Emptying of the Plains: The Comanche and Kalmyk Nomads in the Shadow of Empire – no mentor listed

Graduate Poster Presentation

WINNER: Margaret Campbell (Arkansas State University) Arkansas Novice Teachers Perceptions Of Preparedness In Classroom Management, Curriculum And Instruction, And Communication With Families: A Phenomenological Study - Dr. Ryan Kelly and Dr. Brandy Kamm, Mentors

RUNNER UP: Gerson Martinez Zuniga (University of Louisiana Lafayette) Adsorption of methyl mercaptan by metal-oxide base catalysts - Dr. Rafael Hernandez, Mentor

Graduate Oral Presentation

WINNER: Amber Kinui (University of Texas) Audre Lorde and Morgan Parker’s Poetry as a Repositioning of the Black Archive - Dr. Lisa Moore & Dr. Helena Woodard, Mentors

RUNNER UP: Natalie Bianco (Louisiana State University Shreveport) How the US Women’s Soccer Team Are Pushing For Gender Equality in Sports - Dr. Elisabeth Liebert, Mentor

Winners at the forum received a $100 gift card care of the LSUS Foundation, and runners-up received a card for $25. Both winners and runners-up received a sponsored gift bag as well.

For more information on the Regional Scholars Forum, contact Dr. Sanjay Menon, LSU Shreveport Dean of Graduate Studies at The photo attached shows the forum participants in the University Center Ballroom listening to Dr. Cory Coehoorn of LSUS.