The PilotCard is issued to students, faculty, and staff and serves as your official ID. The PilotCard is also used for stored value (declining balance or PilotCash) that can be used in campus vending machines, discounts at Stacks and the Port Grille, as well as building access, computer lab access, enrollment/employment status, external discounts and more! (Checkout the current discounts at the links below.)

There is a $25 nonrefundable fee to replace a lost or stolen PilotCard. Submitting a previously reported lost or stolen card at a later time will not entitle you to a reversal of prior card-replacement charges.

Pilots Cash

PilotCash allows you to make purchases at all on-campus food locations including the Port Grille, STACKS, and all vending machines across campus. In order to take full advantage of PilotCash, you must have a Student ID (PilotCard).

Pilot Card Reload 
Pilot Card Discounts
LA State Discounts with your Pilot Card

Caring for your PilotCard

A few precautions will keep your PilotCard in prime condition:

  • Do not give your card to anyone.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you can immediately log in to the PilotCard portal and under Account Management click on Lost/Stolen Card. This will give you a button to click to Deactivate the card. You can then follow up with the LSUS PilotCard office at or 318-797-5221.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat.
  • Make sure the card does not come in contact with magnetic fields or other cards containing magnetic strips.
  • Do not run your card through the washing machine/dryer.

PilotCard Policies

Privacy and PilotCard Security

  • Any person who would like to receive a PilotCard must have a valid LSUS ID number.
  • Under no circumstances should you loan your PilotCard to anyone. This includes family, friends and roommates.
  • You are allowed to have only one active PilotCard at a time.
  • Any University employee tasked with making PilotCards has the right to deny the issuance of a PilotCard for any reason they deem necessary.
  • A government issued photo ID, such as a license or passport, must be presented when receiving your first PilotCard. No exceptions will be made. High School IDs, bank cards, birth certificates, social security cards, etc. will not be accepted as forms of identification.
  • A PilotCard may only be obtained by the student, staff or faculty member for whom the PilotCard is being issued. No exceptions, including written consent, will be accepted.
  • PilotCards that are reported lost or stolen may be confiscated if used to access events or other services.

NOTE: Please be advised that the policies listed above are subject to change.

PilotCard Replacements

If your PilotCard is lost, stolen or damaged, there is a $25.00 replacement fee that can be paid by cash or check. At this time, replacement PilotCards cannot be paid for by debit or credit cards.

To obtain a new ID, please have your driver's license, state ID, military ID or passport for identification purposes. You MUST have a government issued photo ID to obtain a replacement PilotCard.                         

You WILL NOT be charged a replacement fee for damaged cards if the following occurs:

  • Your PilotCard has reader damage
  • Your PilotCard will not hold encoding or the laminate is peeling
  • Your photo or text is fading (not because of rubbing)
  • Your have a name or status change (must have and turn-in previous PilotCard)

You WILL be charged a replacement fee for your PilotCard if the following occurs:

  • Your PilotCard has been misused (torn, chewed by pet, etc.)
  • Your PilotCard is bent
  • Your PilotCard is broken or split
  • A hole was punched or stickers are on your PilotCard
  • Your PilotCard is warped from heat (dashboard, clothes dryer, etc.)

To ensure the security of your PilotCard, we allow each card-holder to have only one PilotCard in their possession at any time.

If you have any questions about the PilotCard, please email us at

Distance / Online Students

Distance and non-local online-only students may request a student physical ID card by following these directions: 

  1. Browse to the PilotCard portal at   
  2. Under the Personalize menu, choose Upload Your Photo.
  3. You will be asked to login with your LSUS and password.
  4. Please read the terms and conditions and then press Agree.
  5. On the Proof of Identity page, please upload one of the accepted ID types and click Upload ID.
  6. On the Photo Upload page, please read closely the information on how to submit the best photo.
  7. You should see your LSUS email, select your classification of Student or Faculty/Staff and then "Choose File" to upload your image.
  8. Click Upload Photo. If there are errors it can immediately identify it will let you know to resubmit.
  9. On the Crop Your Photo screen, use the controls to crop your photo to the appropriate size and then click Save Photo.
  10. It will ask you one more time to look at your photo. You can delete it or press Confirm.
  11. Once confirmed you are done!
  12. An LSUS representative will review your photo and will send an email letting you know if you have submitted everything needed or an email asking you for corrections or a different image.

Please note the following requirements when submitting a photo:

  • Photographs must be in color. They must be in focus, with sufficient lighting and background contrast to ensure that the cardholder's front and head are clearly visible.
  • The photograph must be a frontal, full-front view of the cardholder, no profiles or angles. The cardholder's front must be centered horizontally and vertically within the image area.
  • The cardholder must appear in normal street attire (no costumes), without a hat or other headgear or dark glasses (unless required for religious or medical reasons).
  • The photo may only be that of the cardholder alone (no family, friends, animals, objects, etc., are permitted).
  • The photograph background should be of a solid white or tan color without designs or patterns.

Refusal to comply with any or all of these conditions will result in your ID photo not being accepted and your card not being processed.

Examples of unacceptable and acceptable images
pilot card photo dos and donts

LSUS PilotCard

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