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Dr. Zhao is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at LSUS since 2020. In 2003 he was awarded his Ph.D. in Computer Science by the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His dissertation was titled Research on and Enforcement of malware-defending Technology of Secure Operating System, which designed a malware-defending framework, created and extended access control models, and implemented in a practical secure operating system. As a system software engineer, he worked on Linux/Solaris kernel development for 5 years. He worked in Healthcare IT area for 14 years, and his duties included managing users and security, developing clinical workflows, and analyzing clinical data.


Research Interests

Dr. Zhao’s research interests include Cybersecurity, Security Models, Secure Operating Systems, and Electronic Health Record systems security.

Selected Publications

Qingsong Zhao, Subhajit Chakrabarty, AI vs. AI: Using AI to Detect AI-generated Phishing Emails in Ransomware Attack Protection, Proc. of SEDSI 2023 Conference, Wilmington, NC, Feb 15-17. 2023. pp. 97-111

Subhajit Chakrabarty, Qingsong Zhao, and Prabhat Dhungana, Deepfake video forensics in cybersecurity – a select review of methods and tools for creation and detection, Proc. of SEDSI 2023 Conference, Wilmington, NC, Feb 15-17. 2023. pp 114-125

Qingsong Zhao, Nutrition Tracking and Managing System for Patient Nutrition, Proc. of SEDSI 2022 Conference, Jacksonville, FL, Feb 15-17. 2022. pp 257-262

Qingsong Zhao, Subhajit Chakrabarty, Integrating Machine Learning in Electronic Health Record to Detect Medicaid Fraud and Abuse, Proc. of SEDSI 2023 Conference, Wilmington, NC, Feb 15-17. 2023. pp 676

Teaching Assignments

Undergraduate Courses:

CSC 220 - Information System Security
CSC 225 - Computer System Security
CSC 270 - Information Assurance
CSC 280 - Computer Forensics
CSC 438 - Network and Computer Security
CSC 440 - Ethical Hacking
CSC 445 - Linux System Security

Graduate Courses:

CSC 638 - Network and Computer Security
CSC 640 - Ethical Hacking
CSC 645 - Linux System Security

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