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Disability Services

General Policies

Identification as a student with a disability is always voluntary. However, only those students who identify themselves to the University and/or present appropriate written documentation of a disability are eligible for academic accommodation. Students with a disability which requires special accommodation on the part of the University are advised to submit documentation to the Director of Student Development prior to the beginning of the term so that arrangements can be made to meet individual needs. The students are further required to return to Student Development office prior to the beginning of a new term so that appropriate accommodations may be continued or new accommodations arranged. Students who are found to be without substantial limitations in one or more major life activities are referred to other campus and community resources for assistance.

The decision of a student not to self-identify does not constitute a permanent renouncement of the right to university-administered accommodation; however, the student is responsible for his/her performance for as long as he/she self-accommodates. If a student chooses not to self-identify and/or request accommodation, the university does not assume responsibility for any disability-related problems which may arise. Students are not afforded retroactive accommodation. Finally, should it be required, students who choose to self-accommodate do not establish proof of past accommodation often required by many testing agencies and graduate programs.

Services are available to any student who finds his or her disability to be a barrier to achieving educational goals. Student Development provides supportive services to students with mental, physical, learning and/or sensory impairments. Accessing accommodations through Student Development requires several administrative steps. The first, which is necessary for any and all accommodations, is registration with the office. To register, students should report to Student Development in ADM 230. At Student Development, students must complete an application for services and schedule an intake interview. Sufficient documentation of the disabling condition and related needs will also be requested. Exactly what is "sufficient documentation" depends on the disability and is elaborated upon on the page Documentation Requirements.
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