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Disability Services

Note Takers

LSUS utilizes a volunteer note taker and/or test scribe system. This system can be coordinated in several ways. Students who have been granted this accommodation are first encouraged to locate another student within the class who is willing to share his/her notes. It is helpful if the student with a disability looks for a student who demonstrates regular attendance, attention in class, and a genuine interest in his/her education. The instructor may also be of assistance in locating and/or recommending a good student. The student with a disability is also asked to meet with the volunteer to express his/her needs in the classroom and to check over the shared notes with the instructor.

The student with a disability may not be familiar with any student or may not want to reveal his/her disability. In such cases, it is appropriate to ask the instructor to make an announcement in class about a note taker being needed (the student with disabilities need not be identified). Student Development will provide copies of all notes.

Scribes for testing should be coordinated between Student Development, the student, and the instructor. These scribes also work on a volunteer basis. It is important to maintain test integrity at all times. For this reason, family members will not be assigned scribing duties for testing. However, they may serve as volunteer note takers.

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