LSUS will resume normal campus operations on Monday, March 1st. Face-to-face classes will begin at their normally scheduled time. Online classes will continue as scheduled. University offices and campus facilities will open at their normal times.
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Wellness Outreach and Resources

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

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LSUS Counseling Services offers a free mental health platform available to all students, faculty, and staff. Every currently enrolled student has an account with anonymous access to self-help tools through Therapy Assistance Online - or TAO for short (pronounced "tow"). TAO has both a web version as well as a phone app, TAO Mobile, which users can download. 

What is TAO?

The TAO tools & platform were built to meet many students' skill development & educational needs in well-being & behavioral health. TAO is available 24/7 & offers online screenings, as well as self-help resources for support & education for common issues. Students can choose from a variety of wellness tools to help with anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, effective communication, problem-solving, stress management, & more. TAO can help users practice new skills, & they can customize individual reminders, suggestions, & encouraging messages focused on what works best for them based on proven research. There's even a mindfulness library to help learn & practice mindfulness & meditation - a great stress reliever! Check with our office for more detailed information.

Who is eligible to use TAO Connect at LSUS?

TAO Connect self-help tools are available free to all currently enrolled students, as well as faculty and staff. Simply use your LSUS email to login and create your free account.  See more info below.  (Contact Counseling Services with any issues logging in or setting up your free account.)

How It Works:

Whether you're currently working with a therapist or seeking help on your own, we develop a personalized course based on your specific mental health needs.

  • Self-Help: TAO Connect can be used as a purely self-guided tool, consisting of educational and interactive modules, practice tools, journals and progress measures. Our self-help option allows you to move through the courses at your own pace, when you're feeling down and need encouragement, or visiting our mindfulness library when you need a moment to meditate.  For more info on TAO Self-Help and how to activate your free account, go here.

  • Therapist Assisted: If you're already working with a therapist, TAO Connect can help supplement your sessions outside of business hours. We utilize a method called low intensity-high engagement therapy, combining online and mobile educational modules and practice tools with short phone conversations or video conferences with a therapist. More than 100 studies in 20 countries have shown this method to be as effective as hour-long, in-person individual therapy for common disorders.

Tools in TAO

Many studies have validated the effectiveness of online treatment and internet based CBT such as TAO. TAO treatments consists of 6 to 7 highly engaging educational modules, including interactive activities to help teach strategies and skills. When committing about 15 minutes a day, programs are typically completed within six to nine weeks. Weekly assessments can be assigned to measure the effectiveness of therapy.

  • EDUCATIONAL MODULES are high production quality, entertaining, and interactive learning modules, using evidence-based theories.
  • ASSESSMENTS provide progress and outcome measures, along with screening for behavioral health problems.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED INTERACTIVE TOOLS are based on natural language processing. Push notifications encourage, remind, and lead users to the most effective path.
  • PRACTICE TOOLS & LOGS are effective tools to reinforce skills learned in the educational modules, including daily logs and journals.
  • MINDFULNESS LIBRARY is a valuable resource to learn and practice mindfulness and meditation.

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