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Wellness Outreach and Resources

Presentations Available

Counseling Services offers a variety of presentations on special topics, whether interactive workshops or general informational presentations, or trainings. Below are some already developed topics available:

What Defines a Healthy Relationship? Is your relationship healthy? Join us to learn the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to create a foundation of fairness, honesty, trust, and respect.

Food & Feelings: A Complicated Romance: Do you have a complicated relationship with food? Learn techniques to become more aware and mindful of your eating habits.

Unplug Yourself: Digital Detox: Feel like your smartphone is in control? Trouble concentrating because of social media distractions? Learn how to decrease the power of modern technology, improve overall health, and reclaim control.

Neuroplasticity: How to Change Your Brain: Did you know the brain can be changed, for better or worse, by our relationships with others and our emotional environment? Join us to learn how to apply this wisdom in your life.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Mental Health: Yoga and mindfulness have been around for over 5,000 years. Aside from physical benefits, both used in combination are proven to reduce symptoms of numerous ailments, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. Now science is able to explain why.

Identifying Your Strengths: What are your character strengths? What gives you a feeling of flow? This workshop will help you begin to identify your unique strengths, skills, talents, and passions to not only gain an edge in achieving your goals, strengthening relationships, managing challenges, and boosting confidence, but also in finding a sense of fulfillment and meaning.

Step Up! Become and Active Bystander: Learn how to develop the awareness, skills, and courage needed to intervene in a situation when someone else needs help.

Coexist! Embracing Diversity: Join us to investigate the significance of diversity. Increase your awareness, learn how to change behaviors, avoid reinforcing stereotypes and biases, and find value in others' differences.

The Science of Happiness: Join us to learn about the 5 pillars of well-being: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, & accomplishment (PERMA). More importantly, you can use this information to re-evaluate your beliefs, values, and assumptions, reinterpret your goals, and learn how to create positive change.

The EQ Edge: Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in an effective and positive way. A high EQ helps individuals to communicate better, reduce their anxiety and stress, defuse conflicts, improve relationships, empathize with others, and effectively overcome life's challenges. Our emotional intelligence affects the quality of our lives because it influences our behavior and relationships. Cultivating our EQ can enable us to live our lives with intention, purpose, and autonomy, and even more so, greatly influence our success.

Grit for College Students: Did you know that one out of every three US college students will drop out within the first year? This workshop will help students increase their own personal resiliency, tenacity, and perseverance for success from orientation all the way through graduation and beyond. We'll define the building blocks of grit, learn the importance of mindset and goal setting, and even assess your own grit. Join us to learn what it truly takes to not only survive college but to thrive!

8 Dimensions of Total Wellness: Being healthy is not a one-dimensional process. Everything impacts everything else, and finding balance is key. This workshop will introduce the eight dimensions of wellness from a holistic perspective. Consider your whole person - mind, body, and spirit - in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

The F Word: FAILURE! Ever feel stuck, frozen, lost? Prone to procrastination, avoidance, or over-commitment? Have a desire to quit when things feel too hard? Maybe you have an all too common FEAR OF FAILURE. Join us to learn how to view failure as part of your journey toward success. We'll work to change your attitudes and self-perception, moving from viewing setbacks as defining moments, and instead seeing them as opportunities for growth.

5 Factors of Resilience: Learn about the five factors proven to help you thrive: mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, compassion, and grit. We'll tap into strategies, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that make us successful in one area, and then transfer what works to fuel us in other areas. Then, we'll take it a step further, guiding you in creating your own personal model of resilience.

Stress Mindset: From Threat to Challenge: Did you know that how you view stress can determine how well you cope with it? Stress can be a good thing if you know how to use it. Join us to discover research on the impact of your stress mindset, both on your physical health and your ability to achieve your goals. Learn how to cultivate a mindset that embraces stress, and activates your ability to grow from challenging experiences. It's not about getting rid of stress, but about getting better at it!

Feel Like an Imposter? Do you often feel like a fraud or fake? Have a fear that it's only a matter of time before others figure out you don't know what you're doing? Many of us are plagued by "Imposter Syndrome," a feeling of phoniness in people who believe that they are not intelligent, capable, or creative despite ample evidence of success and high achievement. Join us to learn how to take ownership of your success, overcome self-doubt, and banish the self-sabotaging thought patterns that undermine your ability to feel and act as bright and capable as others already know you are.

Meeting Your Inner Mentor: What if we told you the best mentor you could have is right inside your own brain? We all have rare moments in our lives when we have a clear, wise intuition or thought, and we see the solution to a problem, but we struggle to access that part of ourselves consistently. The "inner mentor" is a tool that allows us to access the wisest part of ourselves whenever we want. Join us for a guided journey to tap into your own power and wisdom, resulting in a sense of calm and determination, allowing you to move forward toward achieving your goals.

Face Off with Your Inner Critic: An overview of the science behind difficult emotions, and how we can foster compassion towards ourselves and others in response to such emotions. With self-compassion we can motivate ourselves with encouragement, forgive ourselves when needed, face and befriend our shortcomings, care for others while caring for self, and live more authentically. Research shows that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional well-being, lower levels of anxiety and depression, healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and more satisfying personal relationships.

When Life Hands You Lemons: This workshop will focus on strategies of acceptance and letting go. Learn to accept unpleasant feelings associated with goals or experiences, and how to get past losses, without becoming paralyzed or giving up.

Meaning & Purpose: Road to Self-Discovery: Did you know that finding direction in life can help you live longer? Join us to delve into discovering your own sense of purpose, clarifying your values, and getting in touch with your ideal self.

Benefit Mindset: Building a Better World: How do some people not only seek to fulfill their potential, but choose to do it in a way that contributes to a conscious and connected society? What mindset qualities, if cultivated and strengthened, not only promote the health and resilience of individuals, but also create organizations, schools, and communities that are authentic sources of well-being themselves? These questions are at the heart of what it means to have a benefit mindset. A benefit mindset builds on a growth mindset, where we not only seek to fulfill our potential, but choose to do it in a way that promotes well-being on both an individual and a collective level.

Battling Burnout in Higher Ed: Certain careers are at higher risk for burnout, and higher education is moving up the charts. Constant organizational change & limited resources are major contributors. Learning how to make stress work for you rather than against you is essential to thriving as a higher education professional. Learn about risk factors, symptoms, the mind-body connection, how to keep yourself in check by assessing your burnout potential, as well as prevention and recovery strategies.

Leadership, Personality, and Organizational Change: Everyone has a natural leadership style that correlates with various aspects of personality. The best leaders not only understand themselves, but understand others, too. Learn about different personality types, emotional and social intelligence, how to identify and cultivate your own leadership style, how to navigate and thrive within constant change in the workplace, and in turn how to communicate with, encourage, and motivate others effectively.

Emotional Wellness for Helping Professions: Certain careers are at higher risk for burnout, especially those in the helping professions (teachers, mental health, medical). Learn prevention strategies, such as increasing emotional self-awareness and distress tolerance, as well as aspects of the mind-body connection, burnout symptoms and risk assessment, and methods to improve optimal health.

Graduate Student Mental Health: Learn the specific challenges graduate students face, unique factors that put them at higher risk for mental health concerns, such as competition and pressure to succeed, perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

Mental Health Awareness & Response: Learn common issues college students face that can impact their mental health. We'll go over signs and symptoms, and effective ways to interact with students at risk and how to best provide support and referral options.


Contact us if you have a particular topic you would like us to develop for one of your classes, or for a student or community organization.

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