SHREVEPORT – LSU Shreveport honored 78 students on the Chancellor’s List and 85 additional students that represented each degree program concentration Wednesday at the annual Academic Awards Convocation held in the University Center Theater.

To qualify for the Chancellor’s List, students must have a 3.8 GPA or higher in both the 2022 Spring and 2022 Fall semesters.

Faculty and staff from every program concentration collaborated to select a student to be recognized at Convocation. Students were recognized not only for academic achievement but for robust University or community involvement among other qualifications.

LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark usually relies on his book of Steve Jobs quotes when preparing to speak at the University’s Convocation but joked that he let ChatGPT write his speech instead.

Clark ended up not using the artificial intelligence software to write his speech, going back to the tried and true founder of Apple.

“It’s hard to predict, but when you pursue learning with genuine, inspired curiosity, good things tend to happen,” Clark said as he quoted Jobs in a 2005 commencement address at Stanford. “It’s a mysterious and powerful force, one you should always have on your side.

“Let curiosity guide you.”



A total of 78 students qualified for the Chancellor’s List, which means the student made a 3.8 GPA or higher in both the Spring 2022 and Fall 2022 semesters.

Thirty-four students were from the College of Arts & Sciences, which includes Mikal Barnes, Angel Basto Parra, Joseph Beaubouef, Samantha Bordelon, Matthew Coleman, Piper Davis, Thomas Dean, Cassidi Ebarb, Joshua Francis, Eliana Gafford, Aubrey Goodman, Zachary Grames, Jessica Guerra, Simon Hall, Marah Hamdan, Sarah Hammonds, Nikayla Henderson, Christopher Hudson, Connor Jackson, Arielle Lamont, Madison McMullen, Harold Quinn Jr., Eliah Rambin, Sarah Reeves, Shekinah Robberson, Livia Schneider, Allison Shaver, Christian Thames, Kyra Thomas, Robert Tibi III, Bobby Vath, Robert Walker, Alaina Whitehorn and Seth Willis.

The 22 students from the College of Business includes Carlota Alcalde, Logan Aymami, Jana Beaubouef, Ronneshia Bennett, Railey Berney, Rayla Clark, Jonathan Fox, Patryk Kulawik, Heather McCollough, Ashley McWilliams, Andres Mendoza-Aguilar, Benjamin Montgomery, Adeline Parker, Shawn Phelan, Shelby Rambo, Tiffany Robinson, Kalayna Simpson, Jonathan Terry, Maurice Theart, Jesse Tyson, Jennifer White and Amira X.

The 22 students from the College of Education and Human Development includes Rayleigh Brookshire, Camryn Farmer, Jonathan Hutson Jr., Rachel Jowers, Jana Khawaldeh, Kayleigh Lupton, Savannah Mills, Brittany Murduca, Kirsten Nolan, Laura Reddinger, Brett Remedes, Anahi Sandoval, Katelyn Schneider, Marissah Schneider, Jensen Spillum, Brienne Taylor, Jeremiah Vance, Ariel Wells, Nola Wells, Jessica West, Christina Wise and Rebekah York.


Each program concentration picked one student to recognize, totaling 85 students honored in this category Wednesday.

Fifteen honorees from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences include Skye Kennedy (English – Literary Studies), Allison Shaver (English – Writing in Multiple Media), Mikal Barnes (History – Generalist), Matthew Coleman (History – Political Science), Angene Tellis (Sociology), Zajana Smith (Criminal Justice – Forensic Sciences), Hunter Farmer (Criminal Justice – Generalist), Charles Williams (Criminal Justice – Political Science), Sofia Ahlstedt (Criminal Justice – Security Studies), Sarah Hammonds (Fine Arts – Digital Arts), Jenny Tibi (General Studies), Roger Benjamin (Mass Communication – Digital/Broadcast Media), Elliot Hemstreet (Mass Communication – Journalism/Public Relations), Luke Richie (MA Liberal Arts), Halie Errington (Nonprofit Administration).

Nineteen honorees from the School of Mathematics and Sciences include Aubrey Goodman (Biologocial Sciences -- Cellular and Molecular), Nicholas Kiser (Biological Sciences – Environmental Science), Devon Salvaterra (Biological Sciences – Field and Organismal), Nikki Naderi (Biological Sciences – Forensic Science), Makinzie Thomas (Chemistry), Alex Hudson (Biochemistry), Zachary Grames (Computer Science – Cyber Security and Networking), Robert Cote Jr. (Computer Science – Digital & Interactive Design), Evelyn Vasquez (Computer Science – Information Systems), Sarah Johnson (Computer Science – Software Development), Emily Thomson (Applied Physics), Dylan Roberts (MS Biological Sciences – Cellular and Molecular), Ryan Holbrook (MS Biological Sciences – Environmental Biology), Camila Muller (MS Biological Sciences – Field and Organismal), Nyles Walker (MS Biological Sciences – Health Sciences), Luis Pena Marquez (MS Computer Systems Technology – Biomedical Informatics), Andres Carrasquilla (MS Computer Systems Technology – Business Administration), Ankit Patel (MS Computer Systems Technology – Computer Science) and Prabhat Dhungana (MS Computer Systems Technology – Cyber Security and Networking).

Eighteen undergraduate honorees represented the College of Business, including Kimberly Holder (Accounting), Amy Robinson (Accounting – Public Accounting), Barney Roberts (Finance), Ariel Brewer (Finance – Financial Analysis), J’valyn Vaughn (Finance – Real Estate), Daniel Davis (Business Administration), Matthew Moreno (Business Administration – Entrepreneurship), Patryk Kulawik (Business Administration – International Business), Hunter Rosalies (Management & Administration), Mason Anderson (Management & Administration – Business Intelligence), Elizabeth Atnip (Management & Administration – Human Resource Management), Adam Gonzalez (Management & Administration – International Business), Maurice Theart (Management & Administration – Management Information Systems), Adeline Parker (Marketing), Sara Patterson (Marketing – Advertising Design), Eric Clark (Marketing – Data Analytics), Thu Tran (Marketing – International Business) and Karlee Zaldivar (Marketing – Sales).

Eleven graduate honorees from the College of Business include Hayden Moseley (MBA – Accounting), Meagan Thomas (MBA – Data Analytics), Jamie Thibodeaux (MBA – Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise), Rodrigo Castillo (MBA – Finance), Kayla Fitzgerald (MBA – General Business), Zeel Patel (MBA – Hospitality & Casino Management), Aurora Provost (MBA – Human Resource Management), Jason Jones (MBA – International Business), Kyle Arnold (MBA – Marketing), Lyndsay Laxton (MBA Project Management) and Thomas Fitzpatrick (Health Administration).

Thirteen honorees from the School of Education include Tiana Williams (Early Childhood Education), Kristen Boyd (Elementary Education), Katie Graham (Secondary Education – English), Maddison Floyd (Secondary Education – Mathematics), Morgan Fletcher (Secondary Education – Social Studies), Rebecca Kuhn (MEDCI), Angela Lee (MEDCI – Education STEM), Charles Atwell (MEDCI – Educational Technology Leader), Krystyna Horton (MEDCI – English as a Second Language), Ida Smith (MEDCI – Literacy & Reading), Sumner Baggett (MEDCI – Urban Teaching & Leadership), Priscille Laurent (MEDL) and Stephanie Rushworth (MEDL – Teacher Leader).

Nine honorees from the School of Human Sciences include Carlota Alcalde (Public Health), Brienne Taylor (Psychology), Madeline Barclay (EdD – Leadership Studies), Christopher Cantrell (EdD – Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management), Michelle Ammon (EdD – Health Communication & Leadership), Nnaemeka Njima (Master Public Health), Elaine Lemieux (Master in Counseling), Tonya Schaan (MSC – Rehabilitation Counseling) and Kenzie Farquhar (Specialist in School Psychology).