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Dr. Meeks is a serial entrepreneur and professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, with a background in electrical engineering, physics, and computer science. He has founded and managed over 30 successful companies, including businesses in the areas of computer software, real estate, property management, manufacturing, education, sports performance, fitness, retreat management, construction, and underwater recovery. He also has a successful ongoing consulting business where he advises family firms around the world, applying his expertise to help family businesses navigate the often turbulent and rapidly changing waters of today’s marketplace and family.


Research Interests

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of entrepreneurship and strategic management; however, I also conduct research in the areas of family business, small business management, innovation and design thinking, generational differences, personality, attention scattering, education and learning, unconscious incompetence, management information systems, the future of technology, management of technology, biotechnology, and business ethics. Within the field of entrepreneurship my research focuses on entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial personality, entrepreneurial intention, entrepreneurial thrashing, entrepreneurial ambidexterity, schools of entrepreneurship thought, new venture life cycles, and new venture performance. Within the field of strategic management my research focuses on new and small business performance, wealth creation, leadership, crisis management, strategic mindset, and strategic execution. Currently, while conducting a comprehensive study of startup ecosystems, I am also delving into cutting edge technology, including, blockchain, robotics, the GIG economy, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality.

Teaching Assignments

Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Family Business

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Wednesday 12:40-2:00pm

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