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Dr. Matthew D. Gromlich is an assistant professor at Louisiana State University - Shreveport. His primary teaching foci are secondary science and mathematics as well as technology implementation in school leadership. Dr. Gromlich obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Mathematics Education. His dissertation work and research focus on alleviating mathematics anxiety in Adult Basic Education populations.

Dr. Gromlich has taught K-12, postsecondary, and Adult Basic Education courses in North Carolina, Southern Nevada, and now Louisiana. He holds a B.S. in Secondary Science Education (Chemistry) and an M.Ed. in Agriculture Education from North Carolina State University. He also holds an M.Ed. in Educational Policy and Leadership from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has been published in the Journal of Research & Practice in Assessment (Wiens & Gromlich, 2018), the Encyclopedia of Psychology in the Real World: Education (Gromlich & Wiens, 2022), and the Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Gromlich, 2021).


Research Interests

Mathematics Anxiety
Mathematics Self-Efficacy
Preservice Teacher Personality
Critical Literacy
Critical Numeracy
Critical Mathematics Pedagogy
Adult Basic Education
Mixed-Methods Research
Whiteness in Mixed-Methods Research
Critical Pedgaogy
Secondary Science Pedagogy

Selected Publications

Gromlich, M. D., & Wiens, P. D. (2022). Adult Education. In R. A. R. Gurung & A. S. Richmond (Eds.) (2022). Encyclopedia of Psychology in the Real World: Education. Routledge.

Gromlich, M. D. (2021). The Critical Mathematics Pedagogical Framework. Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 8, 1-12.

Wiens, P. D., & Gromlich, M. D. (2018). Five Years of Video-Based Assessment Data: Lessons from a Teacher Education Program. Research and Practice in Assessment.

Teaching Assignments

Undergraduate Mathematics Methods
Undergraduate Science Methods
Graduate Educational Technology