SHREVEPORT – On a day when 96 LSUS faculty and staff were honored for reaching milestone years of service Monday, there was only one who received a standing ovation at the 2023 Service Awards.

Dr. Carlos Spaht was recognized for 50 years of service at LSUS, buoyed by his transformative LaPREP program, a math and science summer camp that targets minority and female students.

The program, started in 1992, has introduced thousands of Shreveport middle schoolers to potential careers in math and science.

Spaht, a math professor who was named U.S. Professor of the Year in 2007 and Louisiana Professor of the Year in 1997, retired in 2022.

“The legacy of he’s left through LaPREP is just amazing,” said LSUS chancellor Larry Clark. “He represents what it’s all about by giving and giving and caring.

“It’s really true for all of the people who have received awards here today.”

The 96 honorees is by far and away the most since the awards ceremony began, but the previous three recognitions were cancelled – two because of COVID-19 and the third because of supply chain issues with trophies and awards.

Four years of honorees were rolled into one hour thanks to the efficiency of the LSUS Human Resources staff.

Three others hit the 40-year mark in Dr. Wayne Gustavson, Dr. Bill Pederson and Dr. Harvey Rubin,

Gustavson taught chemistry and brought his chemistry magic shows to children for more than 30 years.

Pederson, a history professor and holder of the first endowed chair at LSUS (American Studies Endowed Chair), founded the only International Lincoln Center in the country. The center focuses on Abraham Lincoln’s legacy abroad.

Rubin teaches courses in economics and finance in the College of Business. He’s been a force in the community, serving on many boards and consulting on insurance and financial services while helping LSUS obtain numerous grants and outside funding.

The LSUS Foundation sponsors the annual ceremony, providing funding for the awards. Faculty and staff serving 10-25 years received a pin, 30 years received a watch, 35 years a clock and 40 years and up crystal bowls.

Employees recognized Monday represented nearly 2,000 years of service.


50 Years of Service

Carlos Spaht


40 Years of Service

Wayne Gustavson

Bill Pederson

Harvey Rubin


35 Years of Service

Douglas Bible

Mary Hall

Terry Harris

Mary Jarzabek

Shelby Keith

Binshan Lin

Cleatta Morris


30 Years of Service

Stephanie Aamodt

Stephen Banks

Thomas Dubose

Kenna Franklin

Rogers Martin

Robert Miciotto

Jeffrey Sadow

Kay Stebbins

Helen Taylor


25 Years of Service

Robert Alford

Paula Atkins

Julie Atkinson

Marva Cummings

Fermand Garlington

Scott Hardwick

Yong Hwang

Ronald Hooper

Gary Joiner

Martha Lawler

Kyle Pierce

Christopher Smith

Cheryl White


20 Years of Service

Blake Dunnavent

Jeri Dupree

John Fortenberry

Allen Garcie

Susan Gutierrez

Stacey Hargis

Jacqueline Langford

Mary Lusk

Elahe Mahdavian

Sanjay Menon

Meredith Nelson

Dolly Salter

Brian Salvatore

Timothy Shaughnessy

Elmer Tingler

Marjan Trutschl

Laura Upshaw

Kristie Weeks

Linda Wimbley

Helen Wise


15 Years of Service

Alicia Atkins

Darlenna Atkins

Charles Boyd

Matyas Buzgo

Chelsey Chance

Amy Erickson

Kristin Fiser

Kathi Garcie

Trey Gibson

William Hale

Jacqueline Hines

Kevin Jones

Kevin Krug

Tracy Lear

Zsolt Lengvarszky

Elisabeth Liebert

Angel Martin

Tulin Melancon

Alexander Mikaberidze

Ranae Moran

Lisa Pickering

Kermit Poling

Tibor Szarvas

Linda Webster

Melinda West

Mary Lois White

Katherine Wickstrom

Bill Wolfe


10 Years of Service

Sherri Bohannon

Lisa Cooper

Nathan Dunams

Jason Elliot

James Jackson

Tami Knotts

Julie Lessiter

Michael Meeks

Sam Partington

Glenda Poole

Teresa Rice

Brian Sherman

Kerry Shockley

Vickie Smith

Riley Young