Shreveport, LA – LSUS Continuing Education is opening a second session of the in-demand Unity Game Development course to prepare participants to become Level 1 Unity Certified Users. The university will select twelve learners to access this 100% online cohort for free in May 2022. This online option will develop core skills in immersive technology areas of virtual reality, augmented reality, app, and game development.   

Enrollment in the online cohort is open to anyone interested in learning game development, animation, virtual and augmented reality environments. Learners of all experience and skill levels will learn how to bring their visions to life in the Unity Editor with the help of instructors and colleagues. As the leading game development platform globally, Unity certifications are highly sought-after certifications in the gaming industry.

“We are always looking to create a meaningful way to set our students up to be successful in careers and life; by providing cutting-edge training in the AR/VR Academy, we are giving them the pathway to access multiple different opportunities in the 21st century digital economy,” Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives Dr. Julie Lessiter said. “From this cohort, we will refine our program and continue to build additional training.”

The cohort learning environment will increase learners’ success by encouraging engagement and collaborative interaction. This connection will allow participants to network as they work towards validating technical skills and expertise as developers by earning Level 1 Unity Certifications. Participants can then continue learning by earning additional Unity platform certifications. Supplemental to creating video games, the Unity platform is used to develop virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments. 

“All my life, I have wanted to create games. Video games have always been important to me and now I get to participate with one of the biggest companies in the industry,” said Javon LaCour, one of the LSUS Unity AR/VR first cohort participants. “It’s a dream come true, and honestly, it put me one step closer to my future goal. I’m really grateful for this chance.”

Twelve students will be selected to take the 100% online Unity course for free to become a Level 1 Unity Certified User starting in May 2022. Participants interested in the 100% online cohort can learn more by filling out the Request for Information form online at ONLINE Unity AR/VR Course or call 318-797-5311.