Shreveport, LA—The Louisiana Biomedical Research Network (LBRN) funded 6 LSUS faculty mentors and students to conduct biomedical research over the summer of 2021, out of a total of 29 in the state. LSUS had the most faculty mentors (6) of any participating campus. Students will present their research at the LBRN Annual meeting in January 2022. 

“We know that collaborating with a faculty member for a research project has a lasting impact on student learning and career choices,” LSUS Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Helen Taylor said. “I am delighted that these faculty members have provided our students with this important opportunity. LSUS is very proud of these faculty and students as they work together on potentially life-changing research initiatives. They represent the way forward for our institution.” 

The six include: 

  • Eric Phillip Clifford (graduate student, Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology program) 
    • Project Title: Evaluate Correlations and Mine Drug Abuse Data from LSU Health Shreveport in Shreveport during 2011-2019 
    • Faculty Co-mentors: Dr. Urska Cvek (LSUS Department of Computer Science) and Dr. Nadejda Korneeva (LSUHS Department of Emergency Medicine) 
  • Supriya Karki (undergraduate student, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences program) 
    • Project Title: Developmental stages of olfactory sensory neurons in neonatal life vs. adulthood 
    • Faculty Co-mentors: Dr. Stephanie Villalba (LSUS Department of Biological Sciences) and Dr. Kathryn A. Hamilton (LSUHS Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy) 
  • Joseph Mondello (undergraduate student, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program) 
    • Project Title: Computational Molecular Ensemble Docking with SARS-CoV-2 Proteins 
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tauhid Alam (LSUS Department of Computer Science) 
  • Ethan James Manco (undergraduate student, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program) 
    • Project Title: Best practices for inter-conversion of EEG data formats 
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Subhajit Chakrabarty (LSUS Department of Computer Science) 
  • Kalani Myles (undergraduate student, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program) 
    • Project Title: Computational-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD), Development of Anti-Viral Drugs for COVID-19 
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elahe Mahdavian (LSUS Department of Biological Sciences) 
  • Keelin North (undergraduate student, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences program) 
    • Project Title: Identification of Host Microbiota Relationships involved in Anticancer Alkaloid Biosynthesis 
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Vonny Salim (LSUS Department of Biological Sciences) 

To learn more about research at LSUS, contact Director of Sponsored Research and Technology Transfer Amanda Lewis, at or 318-795-4237. 

LBRN was established in September 2001 with Biomedical Research Infrastructure Networks (BRIN) funding by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), through the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) Grant. The LBRN is committed to raising the research competitiveness of Louisiana researchers. 

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