Econmics & Finance
College of Business
Start Year at LSUS
Terminal Degree/Yr
PhD/ 2017
Office Location
Business Education, Room 326


Dr. Han Shi joins the faculty of LSUS in the Summer 2019 and he holds a Ph.D. degree in Finance from the University of South Florida, M.S. degrees in Accountancy and Finance from the University of Glasgow and Free University Amsterdam. He has taught many Finance and Accounting classes such as Corporate Finance, International Finance, Working Capital Management, and Financial Markets and Institutions, Principles of Accounting, Intermediary Accounting, and Auditing at the University of South Florida, FL and Greenville University, IL..


Research Interests

His research interests are tax aggressiveness, corporate governance, insider trading, investors' attention, and mutual funds.

Selected Publications

Mansi, S., Qi, J. & Shi, H. Advertising and tax avoidance. Rev Quant Finan Acc 54, 479–516 (2020). Mansi, S., Peng, L., Qi, J. & Shi, H (2021) Retail Investor Attention and Insider Trading, working paper. Mansi, S., Qi, J. & Shi, H (2021). Complicated Insiders, working paper.

Teaching Assignments

Fin 231 Personal Finance Fin 301 Managerial Finance Fin 331 Intro of Investment Fin 440 International Finance Fin 480 Financial Planning Capstone MBA 702 Financial Management.

Office Hours

Every T from 8:30 am CT to 10:30 am CT and 1:00 pm CT to 5:00 pm CT at BE 326): Every R from 1:00 pm CT to 5:00 pm CT-zoom meeting):

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