The Faculty Senate is made up of all members of the LSUS Faculty. 

Agenda for the April 28 at 11am Faculty Council Meeting

Upcoming Meetings

  • Friday, April 28, 2023
  • Thursday, May 11, 2023


LSUS 2022-2023 Faculty Senators

139 Faculty: 16 seats
3-year term (2 terms max)


  1. President: Allen Garcie
  2. Vice President: Cory Coehoorn
  3. Secretary: Laura McLemore
  4. Parliamentarian: Douglas Bible
  5. At-Large: Alex Mikaberidze
  6. At-Large: Cassandra Williams

College of Business (58 Faculty: 6 Senate Seats)

  1. Douglas Bible [second term expires Aug 2023]
  2. Amin Saleh [first term expires Aug 2025]
  3. Harvey Rubin [second term expires Aug 2023]
  4. Minsun Kim [first term expires August 2023]
  5. Syed Zaidi [first term expires August 2023]
  6. Felice Williams [first term expires August 2024]

School of Education (12 Faculty: 1 Senate Seat)

  1. Cassandra Williams [first term expires Aug 2024]

School of Human Sciences (21 Faculty: 2 Senate Seats)

  1. Cory Coehoorn [second term expires Aug 2025]
  2. Maggie Gifford [first term expires Aug 2023]

School of Humanities & Social Sciences (33 Faculty: 3 Senate Seats)

  1. Cheryl White [first term expires Aug 2024]
  2. Alex Mikaberidze [first term expires Aug 2024]
  3. Allen Garcie [second term expires Aug 2024]

School of Mathematics & Sciences (28 Faculty: 3 Senate Seats)

  1. Debbie Shepherd [first term expires Aug 2025]
  2. Brian Salvatore [second term expires August 2024]
  3. Roger Zhao [first term expires Aug 2023]

Library (8 Faculty: 1 Senate Seat)

  1. Laura McLemore [second term expires Aug 2023]

Senate Constitution Notes

  1. The Senate shall represent the Faculty Council in all matters and shall be deemed to voice the policies, opinions, and sentiments of the Faculty Council on any matter within its jurisdiction.
  2. Members of the Faculty Senate shall be elected by their respective School faculties on the basis of one senator elected to the Faculty Senate for every nine full-time faculty members in that School and one senator from the Library.
  3. The allocation of the number of representatives from each School shall be determined by a faculty head count to be taken on March 1 of each academic year.
  4. Members of the Faculty Senate will be limited to no more than two consecutive terms (six years) of continuous service.
  5. The Executive Committee may declare a seat vacant in the event of three undeclared absences per academic year.
  6. The procedures for nomination and election of members of the Faculty Senate shall be administered by the Faculty Senate Policy and Personnel Committee.
  7. The election of members of the Faculty Senate shall be conducted during the months of March or April in each year.
  8. The election of members of the Faculty Senate will be scheduled for April with the elected Senators taking office at the beginning of the following Fall Semester.
  9. The Senate President, Vice-President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and two other members of the Executive Committee of the Senate for an academic year will be elected in a meeting of the Senate in April; preceding the semester that they are to take office.

LSUS Faculty Senate Past Presidents

2004-2005: Milton Finley
2005-2006: Bruce Wampler
2010-2011: Mary Jarzabek
2011-2012: Mary Jarzabek
2012-2013: Mary Jarzabek
2013-2014: Mary Jarzabek
2014-2015: Tom Dubose
2015-2016: Tom Dubose
2016-2017: Michael Meeks
2017-2018: Michael Chikeleze
2019-2020: Douglas Bible
2020-2021: Douglas Bible
2021-2022: Allen Garcie