In an effort to upgrade and increase the availability of technology on the LSUS campus, the Student Government Association, on behalf of the Student Body of LSUS, voted to approve the assessment of a student technology fee. 

As determined by House Bill 2339 of the Louisiana Legislature, proceeds from the fee shall be placed in a restricted account and expenditures from this account will be accounted for separately to the management board of the university. The proceeds are to be expended in accordance with the annual written plan agreed upon by the Technology Fee Committee upon signature of the Chancellor.


House Bill No. 2339 passed in the Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature in 1997 states:

B. (1) Proceeds from the assessment of the technology fee shall be used in  accordance with a written plan developed by the institution for purposes of implementing, replacing, improving, and expanding technologies to benefit student life and learning and such use shall be in compliance with any applicable provisions of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  In developing the written plan, the institution shall provide students with the opportunity to make recommendations concerning the use of fee proceeds.

(2) For the purposes of this Section, "technologies" includes but is not limited to instructional and laboratory equipment and the networking and supporting computer and telecommunications infrastructure to support these activities.

C. Each institution at which the technology fee is assessed shall make an annual accounting to its management board of the use of monies derived from the technology fee.

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Commitee Members

Chair of Committee
CIO, Information Technology Services

Student Body Representatives
SGA President
SGA Vice-President
Student Representative, Business
Student Representative, Education
Student Representative, Liberal Arts
Student Representative, Sciences
Graduate Student Representative

Academic Representatives
Faculty Representative, Business
Faculty Representative, Education
Faculty Representative, Liberal Arts
Faculty Representative, Sciences

To submit your proposal for the technology fee, please bring and submit this form to the office of Information Technology Services. To see a sample proposal, click here.

The Technology Fee Committee wants to know what technology you, as a student, think would improve your learning environment by utilizing a new opportunity or by resolving an existing technology shortfall. Use this form to submit your suggestions to the committee.

Tech Fee Guidelines

Principles and Guidelines for Allocation of Funds from the Student Technology Fee

In compliance with this law, Louisiana State University in Shreveport has established the following Principles and Guidelines:

I. Principles:

A. Preference will be given to projects/proposals which impact a large proportion of the student population.

B. These funds will be used for new or additional resources, facilities and staffing rather than as replacement funds for existing expenditures.

C. Preference will be given to projects/proposals which have clear and viable plans for adequate maintenance, technical and administrative support, and upgrade potential.   Departments benefiting from these allocations will be expected to develop continuing budget items for maintenance, support and upgrading.

D. A clear distinction shall be made between one-time allocations and allocations which have a reasonable expectation of receiving funds from this fee on a recurring basis.

II. Guidelines: 

A. Categories of project/proposals

1. Campus-wide infrastructure supporting computing and communications which will serve the entire campus population.  This will include computing and communications equipment, software, communications services as well as staffing/training to support and maintain this infrastructure and to provide support and training. This will be the responsibility of Computing Services. This is a high priority category and will be, to a large extent, a recurring allocation.

2. One campus-wide general computing lab for student use.  This lab will be open extended hours and have adequate supervision.   It will provide access to generally useful software and hardware facilities with lab personnel to assist in the use of that software.  Additionally, individual departments may provide, and help maintain, some more specialized software for use by students when departmental labs are not available. The implementing, maintaining, and evolving of the networking, hardware and software support functions of the campus-wide lab will be under Computing Services.  The implementing, maintaining, and evolving of the staffing, tutoring, and classroom functions of the campus-wide lab will be under Academic Affairs.  This is a high priority category and will be, to a large extent, a recurring allocation.

3. Improvement of technology to benefit student life and learning.  This category covers a variety of projects/proposals.  It would include but not be limited to new instructional and laboratory equipment; expanding of departmental student lab hours, replacing of departmental student lab equipment, and implementing student e-mail.  Some of these will be one-time allocations; however, some will need recurring funds to support maintenance, staffing, and upgrading.  The source of recurring funds (Technology Fee, grant, departmental budget, etc.) should be clearly identified.

B.  Allocation of funds

1. The Technology Fee Committee will seek input from students in two ways: (1) students will comprise a majority of the Technology Fee Committee members, and (2) the Committee will survey the student body.

2. The Technology Fee Committee will develop a three-year rolling budget designating the allocation of funds for the above categories.

Current Recommendations

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