Revised Feburary 2022


Operating a vehicle on the LSUS campus is a privilege granted by the institution.Serious or excessive violations can result in the loss of this privilege, as well as disciplinary action.

LSUS assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time.
All vehicles driven on the LSUS campus must comply with all State of Louisiana Motor Vehicle Laws and LSUS Rules and Regulations.

Rules and Regulations for parking and traffic safety on the LSUS campus are developed by the Parking and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, comprised of faculty, staff, and students.


There are two classifications of parking decals at LSUS, student and faculty/staff. All vehicles must display a current registration decal. New parking decals are required each fall semester. At least one of the following will be needed to obtain a student parking decal:

  • A current paid receipt
  • A current LSUS Identification card

You may register a vehicle owned, operated, and/or maintained by another person only if the owner, operator, or maintainer is not a student of LSUS. To obtain a faculty/staff permit, employees can contact the Office of Human Resources.

PARKING DECALS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. Decals should be removed from vehicles when validity expires or immediately upon change of ownership or disassociation from LSUS. A citation shall be issued to any vehicle displaying an altered decal. 


The official LSUS parking decal must be displayed on the OUTSIDE of the REAR WINDOW or BUMPER and to the lower right.Motorcycles must have a decal affixed to the right front fork.

Damaged decals should be returned to the LSUS Police and a replacement will be issued at no charge for students. A temporary tag can also be obtained from the LSUS Police lasting for a maximum of two weeks.

All requests for temporary handicapped parking access must be submitted to, and approved by, the LSUS Chief of Police during normal business hours.  


The LSU Board of Supervisors approved at their regular board meeting of April 19, 1991, a safety /parking fee for the LSUS campus. Effective with the Fall 2016 semester, the safety/parking fee was assessed as follows:

FACULTY/STAFF: The safety/parking fee will be deducted from each paycheck as follows:

Monthly employees $4.16 per pay period
Bi-Weekly employees $2.08 per pay period
Faculty/Adjunct employees $5.55 per pay period

STUDENT: The safety parking fee will be included with tuition and fees as follows:

$5.76 per credit hour up to a maximum of 12 hours


LSUS has designated parking areas for students, faculty/staff, University Police, vendor’s service vehicles, visitors, and the handicapped. The following color codes mark the various areas:

BLUE Handicapped
WHITE Visitors
RED Fire Lanes and No Parking Zones
GREEN Faculty/Staff Only
YELLOW Other Restricted Areas / 30min or less.

Unpainted curbs in the following lots are designated for student and visitor parking only:

  1. Business-Education Building Lot
  2. Bronson Hall Lot
  3. University Center Lot
  4. H&PE Building Lot
  5. Public Radio Station Lot
  6. Receiving Lot
  7. Science Building Lot
  8. Science Lecture Auditorium Lot
  9. South Blacktop Lot

Open parking is allowed in the North Blacktop Lot.


  1. All vehicles must be parked within a parking space. Parking is prohibited in any area not specifically designed for parking purposes.
  2. Parking in, or driving through, any areas where traffic cones or barricades have been placed is prohibited.
  3. Backing into a parking space is prohibited.
  4. Double parking is prohibited.
  5. Overnight parking on campus is restricted to students, faculty and staff and official guests of the University.


  1. The maximum speed limit on campus is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted. The parking lot speed limit is 5 MPH.
  2. Traffic control signs, devices, crosswalks, and directions of LSUS Police officers must always be obeyed.
  3. Operating a motor vehicle in an area other than a street, roadway, or parking lot intended for motor vehicle use is prohibited.
  4. All accidents must be reported immediately to the University Police.
  5. U-turns are prohibited on all streets.
  6. Pedestrians have the right of way at all crosswalks; all vehicular traffic must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  7. LSUS traffic regulation prohibits any vehicular contact with the entrance and exit gates of the Pilots Pointe Apartments. (This also includes forcing open by hand.) Vehicular contact with any barrier, either permanent or temporary; i.e. gates, barricades, etc. or avoiding, barriers by disregarding their purpose and driving in restricted areas is prohibited.


  1. Bicycles must obey all motor vehicle laws in regard to signs, signals, and speed limits.
  2. Bicycles at night must display lights in accordance with Louisiana State law.
  3. Bicycles shall not be ridden on sidewalks.
  4. Bicycles should be parked in racks provided or out of the way of vehicles and pedestrians.


  1. All fines must be paid within ten calendar days to avoid a late payment penalty of $10. Traffic citations can be paid online, or in person to the Cashier located in Room 129 of the Administration Building.
  2. A fine of $25 is charged for the following:
    1. Improper display of or altered decal/permit
    2. No display of decal/permit
    3. Backed into parking space
    4. Parked facing flow of traffic.
    5. Vehicle not parked within confines of a designated parking space
    6. Parking in the faculty/staff reserved parking or other reserved parking area
    7. Parking in a “No Parking“ zone
    8. Other Violations
  3. The fine for parking in areas listed below will be $75:
    1. Handicap Zone
    2. Loading Zone/Fire Lane
    3. Sidewalks/Street/Lawn
    4. Moving Violations - Speed
    5. Moving Violations - Other
    6. Parking in special areas that are reserved by cones or signs
  4. The fine for vehicular contact with the entrance or exit gates at the Pilots Pointe Apartments (including forcing open by hand) or any other barrier, either permanent or temporary, will be $100 plus the cost of repair of the damage to the gate or barrier. Violator may face disciplinary action by the Student Conduct Board.
  5. Failure to yield to a pedestrian crosswalk will result in a fine of $100.
  6. The fifth unpaid violation of these regulations during an academic year will result in the loss of driving/parking privileges and/or disciplinary action. To reinstate driving/parking privileges, the violator must contact The Chief of University Police to schedule a hearing with the Parking and Traffic Committee.
  7. Failure to receive a traffic citation that has been properly issued shall not relieve the individual of any fines or fees resulting from the issuance of the parking ticket.
  8. Student records will be held for failure to resolve parking violations.
  9. Faculty/staff members who fail to resolve their citations may lose their parking privileges and vehicles are subject to being towed.


Citation appeals shall be adjudicated through the Parking and Traffic Safety Committee.  Electronic appeal forms can now be found at These appeals can be submitted using any smart phone or other devices but, they must be filed within 10 calendar days of the citation issuance, or the right to appeal is forfeited. 

The Parking and Traffic Safety Committee of the University meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month, as needed.  If the citation is upheld by the committee, the fee must be paid within 10 days to avoid the late penalty.  As an appellant, your attendance is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.


  1. Neither inclement weather, nor special, events will alter provisions of these regulations.

  2. The person to whom the decal is issued is responsible for the vehicle and traffic tickets issued to it on campus. Resale of decals is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

  3. Falsifying traffic tickets, removing traffic tickets from parked vehicles, or purchasing decals for others may subject the violator to disciplinary action. Flagrant violations may cause the permanent loss of driving privileges on campus.

  4. Students with indebtedness to the University because of traffic violations will not be permitted to re-enroll or procure a transcript until such indebtedness is paid.

  5. Parking of utility trailers or boats or any pulled conveyance on University property is prohibited unless otherwise approved by the LSUS Chief of Police.

  6. Disabled vehicles must be reported immediately to the LSUS Police, but major repairs and/or oil changes are not allowed on campus.

  7. LSUS Police Officers are certified to operate calibrated hand-held speed detection devices.

  8. All persons riding in vehicles must be seated and wearing seat belts.

  9. All types of skates, skateboards and “hoverboards” are prohibited anywhere on campus property. This includes the Pilots Pointe Apartments.

  10. All persons parking in handicap spaces must have a Class H identification card issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles.

All individuals are urged to never affix any adhesive decal to a painted surface of their vehicle.  For clarifications, you may contact the LSUS Chief of Police beforehand.  Special exceptions may be given.

Anyone with parking questions may call the LSUS Police, email, or come by their offices in the Administration Building during normal business hours.

Louisiana State University Shreveport reserves the right to change any or all of these regulations as necessary.  All changes will be published in the University newspaper, The Almagest, and notification will be sent out through campus email.

LSUS Police
Chief Donald Wray

Administration Building
Room 124

318-455-5497 (after hours cell)

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