The Student Activities Board hosted its monthly Pots and Pans program on Apr. 5. This month’s recipe was fried rice and many students lined up at the University Center to try it out. 

The Pots and Pans program started during the Fall 2022 semester after the SAB was inspired by a different non-profit organization. 

“Last semester we offered free produce from Shreveport Green’s Mobile Market. They began to do small cooking demos with the produce they were distributing,” Director of Rec Sports & Student Activities Angel Martin said. “Students really liked this, and we decided to expand with regular demonstrations including products that are available in the food pantry.” 

The goal of Pots and Pans is to help students gain confidence in their cooking skills and share simple recipes. It also promotes the LSUS Food Pantry, a free resource of nutritious food and resources. 

Josh Bailey is a volunteer at the SAB and frequently helps to serve food during the Pots and Pans program.  

“I do it to get connected with students to show them that they can make easy meals at home and the ingredients are all from campus,” Baily said. 

Yesterday was the final Pots and Pans program for the semester. It will resume in the Fall 2023 semester.