SHREVEPORT – LSUS Continuing Education is leveling up the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) with summer day camps for kids and teens in the community. LSUS youth camp programs offer fun and educational opportunities to stem the summer slide. Kids ages six to seventeen can discover a variety of interests, meet new friends, and create memories that last a lifetime.


“Summer camps are a fantastic opportunity for local area K-12 students to continue their learning over the summer months, and to be exposed to new areas in STEM-related technology outside of the scope of their regular classroom programming,” said Dr. Julie Lessiter, Ed.D., Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives for LSU Shreveport. “In particular, our camps in Cybersecurity will help build a strong foundation for our young people to be successful in this burgeoning future career.”


With constant and growing cybersecurity threats, it is essential for young people to learn cyber safety practices and foundation skills. For kids who love to solve puzzles and logic problems, cybersecurity is a gateway into computer science career paths. To develop cybersecurity awareness and teach cybersecurity fundamentals, LSUS Continuing Education is offering three free Cybersecurity summer camps for grades 9 through 11. The cybersecurity camps will be offered in-person and virtually. However, space is limited, so interested parents are encouraged to fill out the form at this link for their kids to be selected for the camps.


In addition to the free cybersecurity camps, LSUS is offering a variety of other STEAM camps. Throughout the June and July LSUS summer camps, kids can build problem-solving and critical thinking skills through collaborative hands-on learning. Each summer camp is equipped with the tools and activities to engage kid’s imagination and encourage exploration of interests.


“Summer camps are a great way for kids to stay active during the summer, along with getting much more social interaction with peers,” said Nessa Kuruvilla, LSUS K-12 Coordinator, Assistant Director Cyber Collaboratory. “Rather than wasting critical time at home watching television, or playing video games, students can broaden their horizons with the wide variety of camps we offer every week!” 


Summer is the perfect opportunity for kids’ abilities to soar as they develop new modes of thinking, express ideas through art, and play team-building sports. LSUS is revved up to offer a variety of STEAM summer camps, including new camp offerings and the return of top-level favorites. “Camps are based on what students are currently interested in, whether it’s E-sports, Manga or even soccer,” Kuruvilla added.


LSUS summer day camp registration is open to the public. Call 318-798-4177 or visit for camp details and to register.


LSUS June Summer Camps

Intro to Manga Character Design Ages 14 – 17 (Starts on 6/5/23)

Magic Isn’t Strange Ages 6 -10 (Starts on 6/5/23)

Mark Making Ages 10 – 14 (Starts on 6/5/23)

Creative Thinking and Storytelling Thru Art Ages 8 -10 (Starts on 6/12/23)

Creative Writing: Characters, World-Building, and Structure Ages 13 -17 (Starts on 6/12/23)

Imagining Your Very Own Dreamhouse Ages 10 – 14 (Starts on 6/12/23)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Flying Technology Ages 6 -10 (Starts on 6/12/23)

Movie Monster Camp Ages 8 -14 (Starts on 6/12/23)

Raspberry Pi Camp Ages 11 -15 (Starts on 6/12/23)

Soccer with Radi Baltov Ages 10 – 13 (Starts on 6/12/23)

Advanced Manga Character Design Ages 14 -17 (Starts on 6/19/23)

Crochet Hooks Ages 11 -17 (Starts on 6/19/23)

Debate for Beginners Ages 12+ (Starts on 6/19/23)

Mindstorm Robotics in Python Basics Ages 10 -14 (Starts on 6/19/23)

Put a Lid on It: Engineering Safety Helmets Ages 6 -10 (Starts on 6/19/23)


LSUS July Summer Camps

Hooks and Needles Ages 11 -17 (Starts on 7/10/23)

Protecting Ancient Artifacts: Replicating an Artifact Ages 6 -8 (Starts on 7/10/23)

Robotics Teams in Shreveport Ages 12 -18 (Starts on 7/10/23)

Storytime Storyboards Ages 10 -14 (Starts 7/10/23)

What’s in Your DNA? Ages 9 -12 (Starts 7/10/23)

E-Sports Camp Ages 12 -16 (Starts on 7/17/23)

Fun 3D Printing for Kids Ages 8+ (Starts on 7/17/23)

Ice Cream Design Challenge Ages 6 -8 (Starts on 7/17/23)

Programming Games for Kids Ages 6 – 10 (Starts on 7/17/23)

Soapbox Derby Ages 9 -12 (Starts on 7/17/23)


Online Summer Bridge Math Program Grades 1 - 8

1st Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

2nd Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

3rd Grade (Starts on 6/20/23)

3rd Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

4th Grade (Starts on 6/12/23)

4th Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

5th Grade (Starts on 6/12/23)

5th Grade (Starts on 6/20/23)

5th Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

6th Grade (Starts on 6/12/23)

6th Grade (Starts on 6/20/23)

6th Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

7th Grade (Starts on 6/12/23)

7th Grade (Starts on 6/20/23)

7th Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)

8th Grade (Starts on 6/12/23)

8th Grade (Starts on 6/20/23)

8th Grade (Starts on 7/10/23)


Super Sitters with Willis Knighton Medical Center Ages 11+

Super Sitters (5/24/23)

Super Sitters (6/12/23)

Super Sitters (6/14/23)

Super Sitters (6/29/23)

Super Sitters (7/13/23)

Super Sitters (7/17/23)

Super Sitters (7/26/23)

Super Sitters (7/27/23)


LSUS Continuing Education provides quality-learning experiences with professional instructors offering a flexible course schedule on campus and at other locations throughout the regional community for a multi-faceted and diverse population based on their educational needs. For more information and a full list of courses, please visit or call 318.798.4177.