NEW ORLEANS – The LSUS chapter of the American Marketing Association represented the University at a conference in early April.

Students Josh Bailey, Angela Basto, Karla Lorenzo-Benitez and Kayla Williams as well as faculty advisor Dr. Dalila Salazar made the trek south to attend the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

“It was an eye-opening experience,” said Bailey, a marketing junior. “We learned things like how to brand ourselves, how to brand a company, how to brand our organization on campus and how to dress and network properly.”

The students competed in a T-Shirt design contest and a chapter exhibit contest with a table display along with listening to speakers and participating in an immersive digital marketing workshop.

Salazar served as a faculty judge in addition to guiding LSUS students through the conference.

“They did a fabulous job representing our University at the conference in their first time ever participating,” Salazar said.

Bailey said they received numerous requests for their T-Shirt design, which capitalized on the conference theme “Focus” and included images centered around diversity.

“You can see the word ‘Focus’ in our design,” Bailey said. “For me the biggest takeaway is to put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to go to events just because you feel like you’re not the right fit or don’t think you’re professional enough.

“That, and make sure you update your LinkedIn profile regularly.”