BATON ROUGE – LSU’s Boyd Professors and President William F. Tate IV celebrated nine faculty members during a recognition ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 20. This event marks the first of its kind, recognizing the top academic, scientific, and creative achievements from across all eight LSU institutions over the last academic year. The honorees were nominated by deans and chancellors from all LSU campuses and selected by LSU’s Boyd Professors for the inaugural event.

"There’s no greater invention/institution adding to our democracy, adding to our economy, adding to the preparation of citizen scholars than the American higher education institution. Foundational to that are outstanding faculty members, and today, I am deeply thankful to recognize those on the LSU faculty who have distinguished themselves, not just locally, not just regionally, not just nationally, but in an international context." - William F. Tate IV, LSU President

The following faculty were honored:

  • Joshua P. Darr, LSU Manship School of Mass Communication, Carnegie Fellow
  • Barb Dutrow, LSU College of Science, Carnegie Mineralogical Award
  • Andreas Giger, LSU College of Music & Dramatic Arts, NEH Award
  • Suzanne Marchand, LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Guggenheim
  • Alexander Mikaberidze, LSU Shreveport College of Arts & Sciences, Gilder Lehmann Prize
  • Nancy Rabalais, LSU College of the Coast & Environment, National Academy of Sciences
  • Andrew Sluyter, LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Carnegie Fellow
  • George Voyiadjis, LSU College of Engineering, Inducted into European Academy of Sciences and Art
  • John White, LSU College of the Coast & Environment, National Wetlands Award

The rank of LSU Boyd Professor is the highest and most prestigious academic rank at LSU that is awarded to faculty who have achieved national or international recognition for outstanding research, teaching and achievements.

*Story and photo provided by LSU's Office of Media Relations. The original story can be found on the LSU website.