Shreveport, LA—Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed, PhD, Louisiana’s Commissioner of Higher Education, visited LSU Shreveport to speak with students at the campus’ most recent vaccine clinic. She has been touring universities statewide with a primary goal to ensure safe educational environments for students. 

“I really appreciate the opportunity to visit LSU Shreveport to encourage our students to get vaccinated, to salute the administration for being ambassadors for vaccines, and to make sure we can educate students safely,” Commissioner Reed said. 

“There was a brisk number of students coming through, and I had the chance to talk to students who are hesitant and students who are ambassadors. I think we have to meet everyone where they are and understand their concerns and address those concerns as much as possible. So, when faculty, staff, and students come together, and good information is shared, great things can happen.” 

LSU Shreveport has hosted five vaccination clinics since August and has three scheduled for October. 

“What I saw here at LSU Shreveport was a phenomenal clinic—LDH [Louisiana Department of Health] was part of it, the National Guard has been here, the Health Science Center [LSUHSC Shreveport],” Commissioner Reed said. “There’s a strong partnership to try and make sure we’re doing everything we can. We have to stay focused on the mission—safe educational environments for our students, and I know that’s a commitment LSU Shreveport has.” 

Commissioner Reed is grateful to the LSUS Foundation and Governor John Bel Edwards for their support in offering incentives and vaccination resources for students. 

“We know vaccines matter. This is our path to getting back to normal, to community, to big events, to being together, and so we just really want to do everything we can to send that clear message that vaccines work, and that if you’re hesitant to please talk to a trusted medical advisor to get your questions answered fully and appropriately so that you too can protect yourself and your family.” 

To learn more, contact Wendell Riley at or 318-797-5108. 

About Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed, PhD 

Kim Hunter Reed, Ph.D., is Louisiana’s Commissioner of Higher Education. She is the only female in the country currently serving as a state higher education lead who has led higher education in more than one state and was recognized nationally as the 2020 Exceptional Leader by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO). In 2021, she successfully led efforts to secure additional state funding of more than $100 million, the largest strategic investment in Louisiana higher education in more than a decade. View her full bio here. 

About LSUS 

Founded in 1967, Louisiana State University Shreveport offers a wide array of nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including a doctoral degree. The university’s mission is to educate a diverse population of graduate and undergraduate students; engage in regional and global thought leadership through community collaboration and service; and innovate to enhance the application of knowledge and intellectual discovery through faculty and student research and creative endeavors.