UPDATED 2/17/22

Congratulations to the winners at today's Regional Scholars Forum. 

Hailey Brokenberry, LSUS, Undergraduate Poster Runner-up

Trinity Campbell, TAMU- Commerce, Undergraduate Poster Winner

Aalok Sharma Kafle, Lamar University, Graduate Poster Runner-up

Mickilee Ver Steeg, TAMU-Comerce, Graduate Poster Winner

Madison Isenberg, UT Tyler, Undergraduate Oral Presentation Runner-up

Ariene Thompson, University of Arkansas Monticello, Undergraduate Oral Presentation Winner

Brian Sivils, ULM, Graduate Oral Presentation Runner-up

Jordan Wilburn, NSU, Graduate Oral Presentation Winner

Previously posted on 2/13/23

Shreveport, La. – LSU Shreveport will be hosting its 8th annual Regional Student Scholar Forum being held on Feb. 17, the forum will feature oral and poster presentations by students from other regional campuses in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

The goal of the Student Scholars Forum is to showcase the best and brightest students in the region and is often recognized for bringing faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students from every discipline together to present research.

“For a student it's really impactful to be able to share what you've been doing and the topics that you're excited about and that you've been working hard on,” said Dr. Amanda Lewis, Director of Sponsored Research and Technology Transfer. “Being able to tell somebody else what you did and why it's important is a good task. It's a good skill for a student to learn as they move forward away from the university and [into] jobs as well.”

One LSUS student that has previously participated in the Student Scholars Forum is Rachel Hoffnung. She participated in the 4th Annual Regional Student Scholar Forum as a graduate student in the Master of Liberal Arts program.

Her research topic was about evolving trends in the feminist movement with interpretations from Kate Chopin’s The Awakening and the #MeToo trend. Although she did not win within her category, Hoffnung has learned valuable lessons toward her professional development.

“The collection, organization, and analysis of texts has been vital to my success in my studies and career. The Student Scholars Forum gave me an opportunity to practice packaging scholastic information for a general audience, which is an important skill for the kind of work I want to do,” Hoffnung said.

Hoffnung is now a Library Associate at the Noel Memorial Library.

The 8th Student Scholar Forum will be taking place in the University Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is open to the public, and there is free admission.