SHREVEPORT - A total of 213 students in grades 4 – 12 from 23 schools presented 181 projects to history and social science experts on Jan. 26 at LSU Shreveport.  

Among the topics studied by individuals and groups include the Inca Empire, the history of Raising Canes, the Salem Witch Trials, and Louisiana history. Those who placed first and second in their categories will compete in the State Social Studies Fair on May 7.

The Grand Prize winner was McKenzie Meiki for her project titled “Titanic.”

This is the 47th Anniversary of the Region 1 Social Studies Fair. The Region 1 Social Studies Fair annually presents an exhibition of work prepared by social studies students from Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto, Red River, and Webster parishes. The categories researched include anthropology, economics, geography, history, Louisiana history, political science, and sociology.

Those who will compete at the state social studies fair are:

Division 1

- Individual Anthropology: first place, Wyatt Lusk, “The Inca Empire”; and second place, Ronda Beal, “Bossier began in a dogtrot.”

- Individual Economics: first place, Karlie Waldron, “Hatching Millions”; and second place, Averi Gulett, “The Economic Impact of Bass Fishing as a Sport.”

- Individual Geography: first place, Kate Hodges, “The Louisiana Ecological Center at Hodges Gardens”; and second place, Dierk Lurry, “Deerology.”

- Individual History: first place, Dominique Paul, “World War II: Allied & Axis Powers”; and second place, Aislyn Tomlinson, “The Johnstown Flood and its Impact on the American Red Cross.”

- Individual Louisiana History: first place, Mary Mack Thornton, “Chaos at the Capital: Catastrophic Events at the LA State Capital Building”; and second place, Presli Bruce, “Mardi Gras.”

- Individual Political Science: first place, Tucker Graham, “How is the Hamas and Israel’s War Affecting the U.S.?”; and second place, Auden Garrett, “The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Style and Symbolism of the Gauntlet.”

- Individual Sociology: first place, Kelsey Goree, “What video games are kids paying the most?”; and second place, Carter Smith, “Is It Too Early? Creating a College & Career Plan in 4th Grade.”

- Group Anthropology: first place, Joy Paris & Sidney Rasco, “Edgar Degas”; and second place, Madelyn Loiacano & Zayna Abuzahriya & Katie Cochran, “Food of Japan.”

- Group Economics: first place, Kaylee Crain & Katelyn Forsythe, “Word War 1: How women changed the Workforce.”

- Group History: first place, Annabelle Stewart & Rylee Jowers, “History of the U.S. Open Tennis Championship”; and second place, Alba Roethford & Natalee Retherford, “Famous Symbols.”

- Group Louisiana History: first place, Cook Douthitt & Porter Lebrun, “What is Louisiana Worth?”; and second place, Fallyn Hollingsworth & Brooklyn Sunderland, "’Get Saucy with Me’ The History of Tabasco.”

- Group Sociology: first place, Marleigh Roberts & Eisley Fruge, “Impact of School Shootings.”

Division 2

- Individual Anthropology: first place, Gracie Wilkes, “Mythical Creatures”; and second place, Harper Huckabay, “Day of the Dead.”

- Individual Economics: first place, Ra` ina Toves, “How Americans economy was affected before and after World War II”; and second place, Shelbi Waldon, “Hatching Millions.”

- Individual Geography: first place, Briniyah Lovitt, “N.Y.C. Haunted Kreiscer Mansion”; and second place, Gracie Heard, “Cotton Vally Tornado of 1947.”

- Individual History: first place, McKenzie Meiki, “Titanic”; and second place, Annabel Campbell, “The History of Raising Canes.”

- Individual Louisiana History: first place, John Foret, “The Mighty Koasati”; and second place, Evangeline Lapsley, “Hamels' Park.”

- Individual Political Science: first place, J'Siyah Bell, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks”; and second place, Morris Hampton, “Prohibition Era: How did Al Capone contribute to organized crime.”

- Individual Sociology: first place, Landry Cryer, “The Purple Reign”; and second place, Maggie Caraway, “Larga Vida a Frida.”

- Group Anthropology: first place, Mason Neal & Jaxon Huffman, “Genghis Khan.”

- Group Economics: first place, Bryce Rivers & Joseph Nochta, “The Sahara Desert.”

- Group History: first place, Emily Wiggins & Tatum Johnson, “100 Years of Disney”; and second place, Crawford Chaney & Jaelyn Cornelius, “How did Jackie Robinson Break the color barrier in MIB?”

- Group Louisiana History: first place, George Moore & Braylon Bernard, “Fat Tuesday.”

- Group Sociology: first place, Taylor Cato & Jayden Beaty, “J. B. Mauney and the History of Bull Riding”; and second place, Jasmine Moore & Annbeth Thomas, “J.K. Rowling.”

Division 3

- Individual Anthropology: first place, Jacob Fountain, “Cajun History”; and second place, A'Laila Matthews, “What is the best way to decrease gender inequality in Oncology Research?”

- Individual Economics: first place, Omar Benites, “Grocery Greed Flation: The Grocery Affordability Crisis”; and second place, Kaleb Buntin, “Gentrification.”

- Individual Geography: first place, Garrett Stroud, “Addressing Fragmented Tree Biodiversity in the Amazon”; and second place, Emilija Majstorovie, “What is the best way to address the health hazards of organophosphate exposure in India?”

- Individual History: first place, Madeline O'Neal, “Alva Vanderbilt: The Architect  of the Modern Woman”; and second place, Kylah Adams, “Alexander Hamilton.”

- Individual Political Science: first place, Lela Margart Miller, “The Constitution”; and second place, Kerrow Smith, “The War on Drugs.”

- Individual Sociology: first place, Caroline Bartle, “Holding Out for a Heroine: April O'Neil”; and second place, Amy Tong, “Red Carpet Fashion: The Next Chapter in Feminism.”

- Group Geography: first place, Maria Lomas & Emily McCalman, “Global Warning Affects the Louisiana Coastline”; and second place, Seth Walker & Eli Griffin, “To what extent does the over-extraction of natural resources in Asia affect land erosion?”

- Group History: first place, Sophie Downer & Maggie Whitaker, “The Life of John Wilkes Booth”; and second place, Colby Hollis & Gwenyth Lott, “Salem Witch Trials.”

- Group Louisiana History: first place, Cailey Nail & Callie Lewis, “Behind the Screams.”

- Group Political Science: first place, Laney Morgan & Brett Pernell, “Media v. Merica: The Relationship Between Media and American Patriotism”; and second place, Parker Townsend & Shep Smith & Nicholas Carr, “Identifying and Preventing the Spread of Deep Fake Media.”

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