Shreveport, LA — Animation Career Review has named the Digital Arts program at LSU Shreveport as one of the top animation programs in the south and in the state of Louisiana. 

LSU Shreveport was one of nearly two hundred universities considered in Animation Career Review’s annual rankings. LSUS placed 4th in the site’s rankings of Louisiana animation programs and was named one of the Top 25 Animation Schools in the South. 

Jason Mackowiak, Department Chair for Arts and Media, praised the multiple factors behind the program’s success. “The Digital Arts Program at LSU Shreveport excels at preparing our students to enter the world of digital arts. We do so by teaching industry-standard software while assigning creative real-world projects. As a result, students leave the program with a portfolio of work that will make them job-ready upon graduation.” 

While many factors contribute to the Digital Arts program’s success, Associate Professor Victoria Hrody highlights what sets LSUS apart from other animation programs. “One of the greatest strengths LSUS Digital Arts has is its diverse student and faculty experience. Everyone brings unique skills and insight into our program and courses. The shared knowledge creates a special environment of combined learning through demonstrations and collaborative projects. Students are always encouraged to hone their skills brought to the table and explore other areas where they can excel. In the 3D industry, many students can feel overwhelmed with some of the technology and workflows, but with our curriculum, they find each class a solid steppingstone into the industry techniques that are essential to real world job skills and expectations.  Our department thrives on staying current and always reaching out within the community, and beyond, to find enrichment that is then woven into each of our 3D core classes here at LSUS.” 

According to Animation Career Review’s website, the organization began compiling lists of the best universities when aspiring animators and game designers contacted them to find the top schools in particular regions and states. Animation Career Review’s criteria used to rank animation schools includes, but is not limited to, academic reputation, employment data, value as it relates to tuition and indebtedness, and graduation rate.