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Master of Science in Counseling

MSC Admissions

You must have a completed application and all admissions issues resolved before you may be considered for admission into the program. This includes GRE examination scores, an application form, two letters of recommendation, and a copy of all undergraduate transcripts.  Both the application form and reference forms are available below. The program also has an interview process that must be completed before program admission.

The applicant is responsible for following up with their application to ensure that all application materials are received by Graduate Studies (application) and by the MSC program (reference letters, application, essay) before the application deadlines.

Deadlines for all materials to be received and processed at LSUS are: April 30th for Summer, May 30th for Fall, and October 15th for Spring. All program application materials must be received by the Psychology Department AND Graduate Studies by these dates.

Address program application to:
Meredith Nelson, Ph.D., Professor and Director of MSC Program
Department of Psychology
LSU Shreveport
One University Place
Shreveport, LA 71115

You need to have two letters of reference (or reference forms) submitted as part of your application package. It is strongly preferred that at least one form be completed by a professor who has awareness of your academic work. Letters should be completed by individuals who can specifically speak to your potential as a counselor. Have your references submit their letters or forms to the Department of Psychology, LSUS, One University Place, Shreveport, LA 71115.

There are also academic prerequisites that are necessary for admission to the program. An individual must have 12 hours of undergraduate credit in psychology, one of which must be an undergraduate course in statistics. Individuals can enter the program without previously meeting this requirement, and typically take any required prerequisites during the first two semesters of their program. At LSUS, students are allowed to take up to 9 hours of graduate coursework prior to being formally admitted into a graduate program to continue their studies.

Application materials:

            Application Cover Sheet

            Request for Reference

The LSUS Division of Graduate Studies has a separate application process, which requires an application form, an official copy of your GRE scores, and official copies of all prior transcripts. You must fulfill all parts of the Graduate Studies application process separately from the MSC process.

It is important to note that admission by the LSUS Graduate Studies Office does not mean that an applicant has been admitted into a program of study such as MSC. Admission to the Masters of Science in Counseling is a separate process that has admissions requirements beyond those of Graduate Studies. Please follow all application steps outlined on the Department of Graduate Studies website above regarding application to graduate studies at LSUS. The forms below are specific to this MSC program and should be sent to the psychology department.

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