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Toilet Paper and Weekly Email Publication Request

Toilet Paper and Weekly Email Publication Request

General Guidelines:

Advertisement in the Toilet Paper and Student Life Weekly Email is available to all registered student organizations at LSUS, LSUS programs and LSUS departments. The publications are not available to outside businesses or organizations.

Limit one publication per organization at any given time, unless special permission granted. To request multiple publications run at the same time, please email

LSUS Student Activities reserves the right to modify or deny advertisement requests.

All requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to event date. Late submissions are not guaranteed publication.

Advertisements are limited to a maximum of 2 weeks, unless special permission is granted. To request a longer duration, please email

If the publication guidelines do not allow for your entire advertisement details to be displayed, Student Activities recommends providing a hyperlinked webpage with more information along with a jpeg for the Weekly Email request. Images will be directly linked to approved hyperlinks in the body of the email.

*Printed Toilet Paper editions are scheduled to be posted on Friday of each week and will remain until the following Friday. New editions will not be posted in between semesters or during the week of spring break. For summer publications, one edition is posted for the entire month of June and one for July.

**Weekly Student Life Emails are sent on Monday mornings, including during summer semesters. No emails are sent in between semesters or during the week of spring break. 


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