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Stephen Banks

Name: Dr. Stephen W Banks, M.Sc, Ph.D, C.Biol, FIBiol, MRSC

Title: Professor, Chair of Biology

Start Year at LSUS: 1992

Department: Biological Sciences Department

Office Location: Science Building 216

Office Phone: 318-797-5220

Office Fax: 318-797-5222


Selected Publications:  

**Denotes Undergraduate Student,      *Denotes Graduate Student

Banks, S.W., Steele, M.J., Ward, D., and Dewick, P.M., (1982) "Stereochemistry

of Isoflavone Reduction during Biosynthesis of (+)-and (-)-Pterocarpans: 2H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Biosynthesis of (+)-Pisatin and (-)-Medicarpin". Journal of the Chemical Society: Chemical Communications 1982 p.147-149.

Banks, S.W., and Dewick P.M., (1982) "Biosynthesis of the 6a-Hydroxy-

Pterocarpans: Deuterium NMR evidence for direct Hydroxylation of Pterocarpans" Zeitschift Naturforshung 38c:185-188.

Banks, S.W., and Dewick P.M., (1982) "(-)-Pisatin, an induced metabolite of

abnormal configuration from Pisum sativum" Phytochemistry  21:1605-1608.

Banks, S.W., and Dewick P.M., (1982) "Biosynthesis of the 6a-

Hydroxypterocarpan Phytoalexin Pisatin in Pisum sativum" Phytochemistry  21: 2235-2242.

Banks, S.W., and Dewick P.M.,(1983) "Biosynthesis of Pisatin: Experiments with

Enantiomeric Precursors" Phytochemistry  22:1591-1595.

Banks, S.W., and Dewick P.M.,(1983) "Biosynthesis of Glyceollins I, II and III in

Soybean (Glycine max)” Phytochemistry 22:2729-2733.

Smith, D.A., Wheeler, H.E., Banks, S.W. and Cleveland T.E., (1984)

"Association between Lowered Kievitone Hydratase Activity and Reduced Virulence to Bean in Variants of Fusarium solani f.sp. phaseoli" Physiological Plant Pathology 25:135-147.

Smith, D.A., Banks, S.W., (1986) "Biosynthesis, Elicitation and Biological

Properties of Isoflavanoid Phytoalexins". Phytochemistry 25:979-995.

Graves, A.E., Goldman, S.L., Banks, S.W., (1988) "Scanning Electron

Microscope Studies of Agrobacterium tumefaciens: Attachment to Zea mays, Gladiolus sp., and Triticum aestivum”. Journal of Bacteriology 170:2395-2400.

Banks, S.W., Gossett, D. R., Lucas, M.C., Millhollon, E. P., **LaCelle, M.G.,

(1993) “Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) with the b-Glucuronidase Gene” Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 11:(2)101-104.

Gossett, D.R., Millhollon, E.P., Lucas, M.C., Banks, S.W., **Marney, M-M.,

(1994) “The effects of NaCl on antioxidant enzyme activities in callus tissue of salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) cultivars”. Plant Cell Reports 13:498-503.

Gossett, D.R., Banks, S.W., Millhollon, E.P., Lucas, M.C.,(1996) “Antioxidant

response to NaCl stress in a control and an NaCl-tolerant cotton cell line grown in the presence of paraquat, butathione, sulfoximine and exogenous glutathione” Plant Physiology 112:803-809.

*Rainwater, D.T., Gossett, D.R., Millhollon, E.P., Hanna, H.Y., Banks, S.W.,

Lucas, M.C., (1996) “The relationship between yield and the antioxidant defense system in tomatoes grown under heat stress” Free Radical Research 25:421-435.

**Manchandia, A.M., Banks, S.W., Gossett, D.R., *Bellaire, B.A., Lucas, M.C.,

Millhollon, E.P., (1999) "The Influence of a-Amanitin on the Induction of Antioxidant Enzymes during Salt Stress" Free Radical Research  30:429-438.

*Rajguru, S.N., Banks, S.W., Gossett, D.R., Lucas, M.C., Fowler, T.E. Millhollon,

E.P., (1999) Antioxidant Response to Salt Stress During Fiber Development  in Cotton Ovules. The Journal of Cotton Science 3: 11-21. Online at the Cotton Foundation:  

*Bellaire, B.A., *Carmody, J., *Braud, J., Gossett, D.R., Banks, S.W., Lucas,

M.C., *Fowler, T.E. (2000) Involvement of Abscisic Acid-Dependent and -Independent-Pathways in the Up-regulation of Antioxidant Enzyme Activity During NaCl Stress in Cotton Callus Tissue. Free Radical Research 33: 531-545.

Banks, S.W., Shepherd, D.K., Williams-Hart, T., Gossett, D.R., and  Crnkovic,

A.C. (2007) "Snail shells in a practical application of statistical procedures”. Journal of Biological Education.  41: (3) 131-137.


*Vital, S.A., *Fowler, R.W., *Virgen, A., Gossett, D.R., Banks, S.W., Rodriguez,

J. (2008) Opposing Roles for Superoxide and Nitric Oxide in the NaCl-Induced Up-Regulation  of Antioxidant Enzyme Activity In Cotton Callus Tissue. Journal of Experimental and Environmental Botany 62: 60-68.

**Jones, L., Gossett, D.R., Banks, S.W., McCallum, M.L., (2010) Antioxidant

Defense System in Tadpoles of the American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) Exposed to Paraquat Journal of Herpetology, 44: (2) 222–228.

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